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Losing Weight in 90 Days? Think Again!

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When it is the question of losing weight, do you possess ambitious goals like losing 90 pounds in 3 months? According to Dad Quarters, it might not be safe to lose a lot of weight in such a short period.

But, if you can keep up with an intense workout regimen, a strict diet plan and have access to constant medical supervision, then it will for sure change your overall personality as well as transform you into a healthy individual. In the case of some excessively obese individuals, even surgical procedures are called for to reduce weight.

However, in the following post, we have listed several pointers for you to follow when trying to lose weight. Let us have a look.

Avoid meat

When you are looking to lose a considerable amount of weight and fast, you should let go of meat entirely from your diet. Instead, you can stir fry vegetables and garnish them red sauce or add pasta to the mix. Go for beans, red rice, and vegetable omelet, and in case you need something more substantial, treat yourself to an egg-white. Yep, these are quite substantial and will fuel you correctly throughout the day. 

Avoid eating before you sleep

Our body burns calories and fats, even when we are sleeping. One of the worst habits you can have is a late-night snack. Get rid of this habit if you are serious about losing weight. Try a time-restricted eating plan and have your dinner early by 8 in the night and turn in early.

Getting the right amount of sleep

Minimum eight hours of sleep is what the doctors will recommend you. And it is vital that you stick to the advice of medical professionals. The quality of your affects the circadian rhythm of the body, which in turns plays a role in the overall energy balance and maintenance of the right body weight.

About multi-vitamin supplements 

Since you are controlling the access to certain food types, your body might go into starvation mode. To avoid a deficiency of vital minerals and vitamins, it is imperative to supplement your diet with prescribed multi-vitamin medications. Read about natural pre-workout alternatives

There are medical options for even the most advanced cases

There are several therapeutic options available in the case of individuals suffering from more complicated and advanced forms of obesity.

Liposuction for the removal of unwanted fat from the body through small cuts or the suction method
Lap band surgery for curbing the appetite and it involves fitting of a type of adjustable band around the stomach to reduce the appetite.

In conclusion

If you are looking to lose a considerable amount of weight in a short period, then you need to put in the effort, right from the working out to the diet plan.

The calorie deficit will need some getting used to and mild to severe headaches are quite common for the first couple of weeks. Always consult your primary healthcare provider before you change your diet and if possible work under the medical supervision of a dietician. All the very best!


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