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What can good massage therapy do to your body and improve well-being?

That the popularity of massage therapy is spreading rapidly is evident from the various places that offer it. Luxury spas and upscale health clubs used to be the only places where people could go for massaging sessions, but now you get it even at airports hospitals, clinics, and even some businesses. Massage therapy comes with a  long list of benefits, but before we delve into it, it is better to know about the different types of massages on offer including what you can get from Ridgepoint Wellness Oakridge Massage center.

Types of massages

Massaging comprises of a series of body pressing and rubbing techniques that involves manipulating your skin as well as muscles and tendons and ligaments.   Some of the most common types of massages are Swedish massage, Deep massage, Sports massage and Trigger point massage.

Swedish massage – This gentlest type of massage is quite popular and involves deep, circular movements of the hands together with vibration and tapping that help to relax and in turn energizes you. The masseur will also use long strokes and kneading to achieve the desired level of satisfaction for the person undergoing the therapy.

Deep massage – By using slower and more forceful strikes, this massaging technique targets the deep layer of muscles together with the connective tissues.  It is the most effective massaging technique for recovering from injuries.

Sports massage – This massaging technique acquires inspiration from Swedish massage and very much similar to it, but as the name suggests, it helps treat injuries, especially for athletes and also helps to prevent injuries.

Trigger point massage – When it is necessary to heal or relax tight muscle fibers formed by overuse or injury, Trigger point massage is highly effective.

Massage is relaxing

People take to massaging because it is very relaxing. Too much stress on the body produces unhealthy levels of stress hormones like cortisol that increase body weight causes sleeplessness, headaches and digestive problems. Massage therapy sets the body in recovery mode by reducing the level of cortisol. Besides reducing stress level, massage therapy creates a sense of lasting relaxation and improves mood.

Massage lowers high blood pressure

 Massaging sessions lower blood pressure, and when continued for many days, it reduces both diastolic lower number) and systolic (upper number) pressure. Massaging is effective in lowering trigger sources of anxiety and hostility as well as depression and tension. Lower blood pressure reduces the chances of stroke, heart disease, heart attacks and many other health issues, including kidney damage.

Improves blood circulation

When the body receives massage regularly for an extended period, it results in improved blood circulation. It increases blood supply to damaged and stressed muscles, thus enabling its speedy recovery. When the hands press on the body, it helps to push the blood through the congested and damaged areas of the body.
The biggest advantage of massage is that it improves the immune system of the body by improving its cytotoxic capacity that activates the killer cells of the body and helps to combat diseases more effectively without using medicines


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