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Protect Your Skin with Sunscreen – Why You Must Not Venture Out without the Lather

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Sun exposure is bad for the skin and for protecting it from the harmful UV rays of the sun, the only remedy is to use sunscreen. Not only do sunrays darken the skin, but it can also even cause skin cancer, which is the most common form of cancer in the United States.

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  The more time you spend in the open, higher would be the UV exposure, and if you are unable to protect your skin from the harmful effects, someday you could be among those ones in five Americans affected by skin cancer.

Any dermatologist San Diego would tell you about the risks of venturing out without sunscreen, especially during summer days when we all want to enjoy and have some fun with family and friends outdoors. 

Whether it is a picnic or outdoor adventure or spending time on tanning beds, to make outdoor activities safe for the skin putting on sunscreen is a must.

To know what sunscreen can do to protect your skin, keep reading.

Reduce cancer risk

The threat of cancer in any form needs no special mention as we are all aware of the dreaded disease but still in pursuit of our own pleasures we often throw caution to the wind and this is when we fall victim to the disease. 

To reduce the risk of skin cancer, you must use sunscreen daily that can effectively combat the threat of melanoma the deadliest type of skin cancer that affects the majority of skin cancer patients.

Look young

 Everyone wants to arrest aging at least in the looks so that they appear younger. Sunscreen can do a lot of good and help you to achieve your goals of looking younger. 

Sun exposure is one of the reasons for premature aging because of the adverse effects of the ultraviolet rays on the skin. 

Applying sunscreen slows down the development of wrinkles and prevents its leather-like looks.

Stop skin discolorations

Besides slowing down the aging process sunscreen helps to maintain an even skin tone that defies your age. 

It is common to develop some brown spots on the face as age progresses and there can be some skin discolorations too that show as colored patches. 

Sunscreen can effectively fight this phenomenon and keep the face protected from any kind of discoloration.

Making up for ozone layer depletion

The ozone layer in the environment is a natural barrier for the sun's harmful UV rays, but unfortunately, it is depleting. The ozone layer arrests the UVB rays and absorbs it before it can reach us, but this phenomenon is diminishing fast. 

To offer added protection to the skin, it is, therefore, necessary to use sunscreen that does not allow the harmful UV rays to affect the skin.

Good for all skin types

It will be wrong to think that only those who have sensitive skin that burns easily would need sunscreen. Sunscreen protection is necessary for all types of skin. Sun damage to the skin that might not be visible that can continue for a lifetime.

Although people with fair skin are more susceptible to skin cancer, it does not spare people with dark skin either.

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