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3 Tips to Quickly Learn Basic German Using Apps

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There is an old Czech proverb that says “he who only speaks one language can live but one life” and how true that is. Learning another language not only opens doors to incredible travel opportunities but broadens your cultural understanding. Learning germans give you insight into incredible architecture and allows you to read the original works of geniuses such as and Kelper. There are hundreds of apps out there that claim to be the best app for teaching German and it can be difficult to sort through them to find the app best suited to your needs. Follow these three tips to help simply your searching process and be on the road to learning German that much faster.

Learn the Basics

Nothing is more discouraging than struggling through hours of content just to feel like you haven't made any improvements in your German. If you are just starting out you need to make sure you have an app that is focused on teaching beginners. These apps have lots of information on the grammar, alphabet, and introductory phrases to help you get comfortable with the basic concepts of the German language.  If you are slightly more advanced then you want to find an app that will focus on making you conversational in basic German. These conversational apps can pair you up with another person who is interested in speaking English and then you will spend half the time speaking German and the other speaking English. Conversation apps are a great way to improve your confidence in speaking and to perfect your pronunciation.

Use Audio and Video Tools

The world we live in today has some incredible advantages when it comes to learning languages. If you have trouble learning from text-based lessons there are plenty of more stimulating options out there. Apps like youtube offer hours and hours of free video content that can help you with your pronunciation and vocabulary. If you are looking for other costs effective or even free ways to learn German there are podcasts available as well with daily lesson plans to help speed up your learning process. If you find yourself constantly offline or maybe just need to use less data on your phone there are several language apps that let you download lessons for later use when your offline which is perfect if you are constantly commuting or on the move.

While searching for some examples of good apps to learn German I came across this list. It includes a variety of different apps from lesson plans to podcast that can help speed up your learning process and become fluent that much faster.

Learn German Culture

Learning the culture behind a culture is essential to understanding the language. Finding an app with useful tidbits of German history is a good way to slowly familiarize yourself with the culture. Some apps provide a good overview of the German language as a whole giving you a list of other countries or places where German is spoken frequently as well as how religion has affected the German language through history. Finding a news app in German is a good way for more advanced German speakers to keep their language skills sharp and stay familiar with German current events in order to have a few speaking topics when you do finally visit Germany and meet some friendly locals.


Try to keep these three tips in mind while you are searching for apps to help you learn German and with a lot of practice you are sure to find yourself speaking almost perfect german.

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