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Subluxation – Is the Disease More Complex than the Name of the Disorder?

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While in today's modern and busy lifestyle, people push to tend their limits every day to get results and feel proud that they are not falling sick, it is merely a matter of time before that happens.

An unhealthy lifestyle sooner or later leads to various health problems, the most common among them being problems related to the joints and spinal cord.  

Going to the doctor involves some heavy antibiotic medication and very little natural processes of healing. But for minor or temporary pains in the joints and spinal cord, people might prefer going to a chiropractor instead of going to the doctor.

Now, for a person who lives a healthy lifestyle, all the 24 vertebrae in his spinal cord simply remain aligned on top of one another. 

But thanks to the overexertion that people force their bodies to experience on a daily basis, the vertebrae might get dislocated, causing hindrance in the proper functioning of the spinal cord and acute pain. 

This displacement of the vertebrae is known as subluxation. To end this severe pain, one can simply schedule an appointment with a chiropractor. You can visit Matthews Chiropractor for further insights.

How to deduce Joint Subluxation?

 As one part of the population kept on paying no attention to the pain in their bodies, the other part is cautious over the slightest of the pain. 

However, to prevent further damage to the joints and the ligaments, one must recognize the possible symptoms of subluxation:

1. A sensation of instability that makes the patient lose his balance and fall or injure his hand further.

2. Early signs to deduce in general if there is any form of threat to the body, the first step involves checking of swelling in any of the joints or muscles in the body.

3. Sometimes, swelling may not be noticed by the naked eye. Despite no swelling, there might be acute pain in the joints, and this could be a source of subluxation.

4. For those who led an active lifestyle, all these activeness gets reduced as the mobility of the joint gets affected, and it becomes stiff in subluxation.

Now that you know, how can you relax and get the right treatment?

With the chiropractor, the healing process involves all sorts of natural ways to heal the spinal cord or any other joint that has been affected. Some necessary treatment procedures mentioned by chiropractors include:

1. Rest – With the help of crutches or slings, resting that particular joint is the only easy treatment procedure that one can ever follow.

2. Using Ice – When someone gets hurt, or there is some dislocation in the joints, applying ice immediately to the affected area brings relief to the body and also prevents inflammation of the area.

3. Positioning the affected joint – Although many might not believe it, the position in which the affected joint is kept also helps in increasing the healing process. 

Depending on the joint, one needs to position it as such that the joint remains slinging from above with the patient lying on the bed.

While many prefer doctors over chiropractors, a chiropractor simply relieves them of their pain in all the natural ways that are known to him. 

In today’s age of mass antibiotic production, chiropractors are a blessing in disguise for all the patients that have faith in them.


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