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Nutrition Analysis Software – How to Select the Correct One?

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Owning a restaurant or food business is lucrative! But it's also becoming challenging in recent times. According to the 2016 December update, the FIC states the importance of revising food label content. Many restaurant owners don't follow this. However, today, it is essential to opt-in for a nutrition analysis to check whether the platters you are serving have good nutrient value.

It is essential to opt-in for nutritional analysis software. However, if you don't know what you are searching for, the ample choices available online might overwhelm you. Hence, you can opt-in for three possible options:

Affordable, simple and fast tools which are free, allows you to key-in your recipe and obtain the nutrition information
Get a laboratory testing done where the food samples are sent to labs for testing the ingredients
Advanced and new software programs that offer increased accuracy, which has a big food component database and a compact data management system

However, selecting a nutritional content calculator or software is not easy! You need to consider a few essential factors. They are as follows:

1. Does the software database contain the food components you need?

You need to ensure that the database covers food and other components that you are using in your recipe. It is essential to check if the list has ingredients that include your production base. Also, food energy levels differ between various parts of the world. Hence, the software or calculator needs to make the necessary adjustments.

2. Is your search engine fast and effective in searching the food components in your database? 

It might appear to be a small factor for a few people! However, if you have numerous products and require the desired information, you have to check through the database for hours searching the precise ingredient.

3. Are all food descriptions accurate and detailed for the food components?

Are you producing “low-sodium” or “low-fat” version of all the food products? If yes, you will need separate descriptions than the generic ones.

The same situation might apply to other instances as well. Does the system allow you to add-in custom descriptions for any of these situations? You have to be aware of manual data entering the process in the system, to ensure you decide if you are willing to spend time for this.

4. What do the product cost and software updating cost?

You need to make some crucial cost-related decisions! Check if the product comes within your estimated budget. You also need to analyze the other associated costs for software upgrades.

How fast the database gets renewed, adding in all the new food ingredients and components? Also, check if there is an extra cost you need to pay while using the software. It is essential to research as well as calculate the expenses well ahead of time to avert any surprises later.

These are some of the essential factors to consider while choosing nutritional analysis software. It helps your consumers to calculate the nutrient content of their platter. With more people shifting to quality food and lifestyle, this software will be a boon for your food business.

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