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How to Write a Motivational Letter for Ph.D.?

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When a student applies for a Ph.D. course he not only need to submit a research proposal but along with that he also needs to submit a motivational letter to the university from where he wants to pursue his Ph.D. course. In this kind of letter, you have to specify why you want to pursue a Ph.D. in that field and why you think that you will be well suited for the course. 

Every year thousands of applicants apply for Ph.D. programs but Ph.D. applications are not sorted in a random manner. Ph.D. applications are judged very critically and only a few candidates are selected for pursuing the course.

Writing an impressive motivational letter can certainly enhance your chance to get selected for the course. But it is not a child’s play to a motivational letter, especially for the Ph.D. candidate. You have to know the correct letter format of writing a motivational letter. That is the reason why we have come up with some essential tips that will certainly help you to write an effective motivation letter.


Tips to write a motivational letter for Ph.D. course

A motivational letter should be very professional just like any other business letter. It should not only focus on your academic background but you should also explain your previous research experience. In this article, we have come up with some essential tips that will help you to enhance your chances of success:

  • What to include: The first thing that you need to know is what to include when you are going to write a motivational letter for the Ph.D. course. Once you know what you have to write it certainly becomes easier for you to put up the content in a correct and precise manner. So, the main things that you need to include in the motivational letter for the Ph.D. course are:
o   An effective introduction in you has to state clearly about which program you have applied for
o    A brief explanation about your academic background
o   A description of why you want to pursue the Ph.D. course
o   A proper explanation about the potential impact of your proposed research
o   A brief description of your future career prospect

  • Be very specific: It is generally seen that when a person writes a motivational letter he sometimes becomes too much vague. But this can actually decrease your chance of getting selected for the course that you have enrolled for. Instead, it is very important to be very specific. For example, instead of writing that you enjoy reading economics, it will be better if you can mention which particular courses do you like the most in Economics.

  • Provide the correct information: It is mostly seen that when people write a motivational letter for the Ph.D. course they usually try to claim some of their success without any evidence to back those claims. This makes a huge negative impact on the mind of the hiring committee. 

  • For example, it is mostly observed that in the motivational letter people mostly use to write that – “I can work independently” or “I am highly organized and I am good enough in managing all the assignment”. These kinds of the declaration are all self-assessment statements, which do not give too much weight to your candidature. 

  • Instead, if you can write that “The level of my organization is proved when I passed my undergraduate course while doing a part-time job as well”. This type of statement which itself has evidence about what you have claimed certainly increases your chance of getting selected for the applied course.

  • Show your personality: While writing the motivational letter it is very important to avoid any kind of jokes or sarcasm or stating any kind of irrelevant information. Apart from that, you have to keep in mind that the letter should not be dull and impersonal. 

  • It is very important to show your personality in your letter through your writing and thereby showcase how you are different from the other candidates who have also applied for the same course. But remember that you should not hide your individuality. Through your motivational letter, you should show a unique approach and you should try to determine how you are fit for the course that you have applied.

  • Focus on your skills: In the motivational letter for the Ph.D. course, it is very important that you concentrate on your skillset and discuss the courses or assignments that you have completed during your undergraduate or graduate or postgraduate course. While you will pursue a Ph.D. you will often encounter with a research question, choosing the best methodology, etc. 

  • So, it is very essential to show the hiring committee that you are skilled enough to take up those challenges. Hence you have to showcase your skill set by stating how you have used your skills in the past that can prove that you are ready to take up the challenge for the Ph.D. program now.

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