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Healing Trauma – The role of HRV apps and other healing modalities

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The body and the mind are connected! A sensation in mind creates a reaction in the body. 

Recently, researchers have discovered that abuse or trauma has a more profound impact on our brain and heart than we can imagine. 

Prolonged depression and trauma can change the heart function and also affect our breathing. These are just the starting points of physical symptoms.

If shock and despair is left untreated and unaddressed, it can have physical and emotional distortions. Today, you have various healing modalities and medical devices and treatments that can heal trauma and its after-effects.

1. Opt-in for an HRV app or monitor

Your heart and brain are the two most essential organs in the body! And trauma or post-traumatic disorders can affect both these organs adversely. 

Prolonged depression and trauma can result in bipolar disorders as well. And all these can impact heart health. There's a time difference between our heartbeats. It's not necessary for the heartbeats to occur after a uniform time difference. 

However, having an abnormal difference too is not desirable. Should this happen, you must monitor it at the earliest. And it is here that you can opt-in for the heart rate variability monitor or apps. It will give you an accurate check of the heart health and let you know the next step to take to heal trauma.

2. Balancing emotions

Trauma leads to imbalanced emotions! Staying calm is essential. In our daily lives, we do feel emotional extremes from time to time. 

But extreme emotions don't work the same way for a person who's in deep trauma or is healing from it. He/she might get enthused one moment and depressed the next moment. 

They fluctuate from one emotional spectrum to the other in a short period. And this increase or decrease the heartbeat rhythm. Before they develop heart failure or incorrect heartbeat rhythms, you need to measure the HRV in an app or a monitor.

3. Alternative healing modalities

Healing modalities are increasing by the day! From meditation, massage therapy, singing bowls, to chanting and uttering affirmations – the horizon is huge. 

Trauma needs to be dealt with care and warmth. The patient shouldn't feel that he/she is getting treated, because something is wrong with them. 

If they do, it will trigger their inner emotional chaos, and they might act uncontrollably. Hence, you can select a healer or holistic guide as you opt-in for meditation or any other healing modality. 

It soothes the nerves and calms the mind and heart. Checking the HRV is a right decision as it will provide details about the patient's recovery progress.

While you are healing from trauma, don't make the mistake of popping in OTC (Over the counter) drugs! These pills have a chance to react adversely with your heart and can cause an attack as well. It can increase your heartbeat and can cause other heart ailments.

Your heart is the essential organ you need to care for, as you are recovering from trauma. Any healing modality you choose will bring positive results. 

To know, which modality is working for you, it's essential to assess the HRV and make other additions to the healing process.

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