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Advantages of using Foot Orthotics & Custom Insoles

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Are you wondering if you need insoles at all? An orthotic insole can help improve your foot function, which in turn, can relieve your heel, knee, and lower back pain to a great extent, by restoring the neutral position of your foot and ankle bones.

Additionally, their shock absorption and weight distribution capabilities make them an ideal choice for specific parts of your foot, such as bunions, ball of the foot, and others. 

Overall, there are multiple benefits of wearing insoles, and here you will learn about them.

Flat feet

Having low or no arch in the foot can lead to the problem of flat feet. If you wear orthotic insoles that contain most suitable arch for your feet, you can experience the ease of movement while walking. 

The insole will not let your feet fall flat on the ground and provide desired support to your arches, saving them from shock forces. You can find these to be especially effective during running and jumping.

Foot disorders

Improper foot movement can lead to certain common types of foot conditions, such as bunions or plantar fasciitis in people with flat feet. 

Flat feet create pressure on plantar fascia ligament, making it spread more than usual and eventually leading to inflammation. Gradually, the pain reaches your heels and the arches. But you can avoid this situation with insoles.

Foot pain

Flat feet cause pain in the sole due to the stress created by unhealthy foot movement. With time, muscles, ligament, and joints start to give in to the pressure of the flat foot and become weak.

It results in toe, arch, and heel ache. By wearing insoles, you can take care of your feet without any trouble. 

The device can distribute pressure evenly so that your bottom part of the feet feels relieved and doesn’t experience much pain.

 Lower body movement

It is your lower part of the body that steps in to compensate for the irregularity in the motion caused by your flat feet. 

And this leads to pressure on your thighs and shins. Insoles can take care of this issue as well. It can help improve your foot as well as lower body movement.

Foot posture

Wrong foot postures due to flat feet can hamper your athletic performance, elevating the risks of injuries. 

These injuries can happen because of your feet’s lack of ability to absorb shocks and pressure that occur when they come in contact with the ground. 

Gradually, it impacts your bone and muscles alignment also. You can find an effective cure for this problem in insoles. As mentioned earlier, these will absorb all the pressure and spread it all over so that no single muscle or bone has to bear the excess force.

In the market, you can come across different types of non-personalized as well as custom orthotic insoles.

Choose the latter option if you want to achieve the best results. You can find variations in them too, ranging from rigid, medium hard, medium, and medium soft to soft. Since you may not understand which can suit you the most, it’s better to consult a specialist.


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