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5 Activities that Sharpen the Memory

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The brain is not just the most vital part of the body but contributes largely to human reasoning and therefore automatically affects your memory.

Old age is not just reason for the loss of memories, some young and vibrant youth also complain of forgetting things easily, most times it's due to what you feed the body and the brain.

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How often do you do a check on your reasoning level and find out it's not sharp or quick like you want?

Having a poor memory can be really frustrating and it feels like you are always missing out on important things, you need to slow those brains down, stop overthinking as that only causes more memory loss. You should also consume more proteins and vitamins as these foods contain minerals that naturally strengthen memory.

Are there natural ways to sharpen your memory? Yes, there are, the human mind tries to expand beyond its usual capacity and the way to attain that is to enhance it physically and mentally. Check out five ways you can strengthen your memory.

Here are some certain activities that will not just boost your memory but also strengthens the mind and body:

1. Do Math In Your Head

This might sound uninteresting but it is actually very tacky and puts your brain to work and if you repeat this routine often, then it gets stuck in your head and you should do this when you are taking a stroll, as the mind might be picking up on lots of things that bother you and that will eventually put a strain on your memory so working out maths will help task the brain and also strengthen your memory.

Put your brain to work with numerical math work and you can do more phone number cramming, take it slow and after cramming, try to remember a day or two after and if you can't recollect, do it again till you can produce them off hands.

2. Practice Meditation

You should try to meditate more often to help the brain relax and get more work done, meditating goes a long way to strengthening your memory. You can try doing some yoga or having some quiet time in absolute relaxation of the mind and body.

The body also needs to relax because if your body is tensed, then the signal will be sent to your brain. Practicing Meditation can also be you taking a break from the hustle and bustle of work or anything stressing your brain and just relax because the more you stress those brains, the more your memories become poor.

3. Play Sports

You should engage in more physical activities, basically, play sports or if you do that before then you should try more sports, as mentioned earlier the body and mind work hand in hand, you need to engage your brain more and playing sports is not for your body alone but it enables the brain to exert itself. You can also do menial exercises, just to get your brain to be more active.

4. Play Chess/Crossword Puzzle

You know how interesting chess and crossword puzzle can be and also causes you to reason and why doing so you are engaging the brain, these are games that will strengthen your memory in the sense that you will have to do a lot of brain tasking to get the answers and what better way to put your memories to work.

5. Listen While You Read

A lot of people read but they are not really listening, you should learn to listen while you read, you can even go for an audio of the book you are reading and as you read you listen as well and you will be surprised you won't forget what you have heard soon. The trick is to be more alert and make sure you are interested in what you are listening to.

The ability to strengthen your memory with these five activities mentioned above lies in your continuous effort as these are activities that you will need to engage in constantly so you can get results.

Also, have it at the back of your mind that poor memory can be sharpened with some techniques and these five exercises mentioned above can do the job. Questions? Thoughts? Please leave a comment below.


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