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Meet the Top ENT Specialist Doctors in Singapore for Rhinoplasty or a Nose Job You May Need

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Nose has unique aesthetic and functional values attached to it. A long, beautiful nose enhances the beauty of the face, while a snub nose can rub off the overall impact of the nice facial features. But that is about the cosmetic appearance.


As far as its functionality goes, a nose helps you to not only detect smells but also to inhale and exhale keeping your respiration smooth and healthy.

However, when you face any functional or appearance issues with it, you can get in touch with an ENT specialist in Singapore for help. After assessing your needs, a certified doctor is more likely to recommend a suitable Rhinoplasty (nose job) treatment.

Rhinoplasty Singapore can be divided into two broad categories, such as functional and cosmetic. In this article, you will learn a few things about both these types of treatments.

Functional Rhinoplasty Therapies

Doctors suggest for this treatment if you are suffering from any physical abnormalities of your nose due to which your breathing is unstable. If the problem is due to any physical trauma, then also you can hear from your specialist about this procedure. Basically, in these cases, the surgeons reshape and re-position your nose bone and cartilage to improve your breathing.

The procedure can be open or closed. In the open therapy, the surgery is done on the exteriors of your nose, whereas in the closed rhinoplasty, the procedure is done inside.

 Usually, they conduct closed incision so that you get no or decidedly fewer scars. The other one is done only under unavoidable circumstances. Here are a few examples to show the problems this therapy can solve for you.

Nasal fractures can change the shape of your nose and also affect its daily functionality by blocking breathing passage. Rhinoplasty can fix this problem.
Nasal polyps generally grow in the nasal passages and cause irritation and allergies. An ENT surgeon can remove this unwanted growth and help you get back to your normal routine.
Turbinates are the long, thin bones covering the almost entire region of nose inside. Allergies and irritation can cause swelling in these bones, and eventually lead to breathing troubles. To correct this issue, some doctors may reduce the size of these bones through this procedure.
Septum creates two distinct nasal passageways, but any deviation in its structure can block the passage, obstructing airflow. The surgeons can reshape the bony part of the septum to clear the blockage.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Treatments

The main aim of this treatment is to improve the look of your nose through required procedures. For example, it can help correct your crooked nose or the tip of it that feels oversized or inflexible. Apart from that, shape refinement, width reduction, flared nostrils, and many such problems can be cured with this treatment.

So, no matter whether you are looking for cosmetic or functional improvement of your nose, consult a certified ENT specialist in Singapore for assistance. Only he can ensure complete satisfaction and benefits of this treatment.


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