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Active Release Techniques: One of the Best Ways to Treat Pain?

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When our body gets the indication of the damage of our soft tissues, it answers with inflammation to instigate the process of repair. When the process begins, it creates some new fibers to restore the body damage which gives birth to adhesion and scar tissue.


Over time, this hinders our body movement and also the distribution of load resulting in pain and swelling in our body parts. This cycle is never-ending and continues until death.

Certified therapists of various clinics make use of one specific method called Active Release Techniques or ART to make a diagnosis of the diseases and start to treatment of those soft tissue injuries which is formed by scar tissue.

Basically, this is one kind of therapy done manually by human hands. The specialized treatment has the potentiality to break up those adhesion which limits body movement along with severe pain and tension.

 What is Active Release Techniques or ART?

This is one kind of therapy done manually with the administration of some trained professionals who have enough experience about structures of the soft tissue in our body.

The whole system of soft tissue management is based on some scientific confirmation that tells our nerves, muscles, blood vessels, and all connective tissues start developing adhesion among them for various injuries like acute injury, chronic injury, and pressure which happens in our body due to poor posture.

These adhesion cause muscles motion ensuring some other symptoms like weakness, pain, and motion reduction, numbness, and itchiness.

How is the treatment?

After a prolonged research treatment and examination, it is proved that this particular scar tissue that gives birth to soft tissue injuries cannot be identified by a clinical machine like MRI or X-ray or by any advanced orthopedic tests.

ART has its own diagnostic tool by which the practitioners can decide where the adhesion also exist with the detection of the severity of the soft tissue injury. It is simply by her/ his touch that makes the magic in the treatment.

So, ART is performed directly by the doctor who touches the skin of the patient. The practitioner here finds the area which needs the treatment. Some movements along with the healing touch of the doctor on the patient's skin allow the adhesion to detach. Austin Spine and Sport gives training for manual therapy.

Is ART Painful?

ART goes in the right direction after adhesion is exposed in order to divide that scar tissue which is creating the dysfunction and pain. Since all these sights are sensitive enough to start the treatment, ART may be seen as discomfort able for some of the patients. However, it is true that pressure never exceeds the tolerance level of the patient.

Treatment duration

Each individual is different from one another. Depending on their will power, their active participation in the treatment procedure I the duration of the treatment can be decided. The patient's health status must be considered here because doctors will alter some activities of the treatment considering the health issue of the patient.

ART is shown as one of the most useful therapies for injuries of soft tissues. If there is no significant improvement in the patient's within some days, the therapists don't support continuing treatments for the patient.

Who can benefit from ART?

Anyone who is suffering from pain just because of soft tissue damage can be helpful by ART. From the Olympic athletes to office workers, laborers to homemakers, anybody can avail the treatment. ART treats every human muscle, ligaments tendons throughout the body that is crammed with scar tissue and eventually frees up their function ability after reducing soreness.

Your daily activities like typing, golfing, running, walking can be enhanced by ART allowing the performance of the body at its high level.

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