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7 Best Ways to Boost Your Brain While Studying

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Have you been cramming in late night study sessions before that big test? Is your free time slipping away as you find yourself hidden behind a textbook? What if you could make absorbing and retaining information easier? Find out the seven big secrets to boosting your brain power and making study sessions more efficient.

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1: Let your creative juices flow

Making time for your hobbies increases brain power. Hobbies can include coloring in an adult coloring book to more complex activities such as redesigning the engine in your Mopar.

Leisurely activities you enjoy keep the creative brain sharp, allowing for more connections to be made within the memory and improving your time spent studying. Participating in a hobby boasts many of the same benefits as modern meditation. Check out How Meditation Naturally Increases Your Memory, Brain Power, and IQ.

2: Discover new experiences

Experiencing something new, whether it be new food, a hobby, or a place, supports healthy brain growth. The brain makes new connections based on every bit of stimuli that it receives.

The more you experience different things in life, the more stimuli that your brain receives and the more capable it becomes at making connections pertaining to your studies. Make a point to break out of your comfort zone and add new experiences into your schedule.

3: Throw away your daily routine

Daily routines can be a good thing. They keep our days structured and help to keep us on track. But when daily routines become so routine that we go through them on auto-pilot, it can suffocate our brain growth.

Your brain needs the opportunity to think, make decisions, and process stimuli. Once your routine becomes too routine, your brain stops making new connections or even any connections at all. Break out of that daily rut, switch things up, and keep your brain happy, healthy, and on its toes.

4: Get your blood pumping

Exercise is the answer to almost everything, including how to boost your brain. Exercise supports healthy brain growth from two directions; directly and indirectly. It increases your blood circulation, giving your brain a higher level of oxygen to help it function at its peak.

Exercise also alleviates many health complications which affect your brain. It also stimulates your brain growth similarly to mediation in that it allows you to clear your mind in order to process stimuli the brain has been presented with. For more on how exercise boosts your brain, check out How Regular Exercise Improves the Brain.

5: Go hang out with your friends

When you're bogged down by studying, take a break from the books and go out with your friends. An increasing amount of research on the effects of socialization on brain development and growth have been conducted since the onslaught of technology in our children's world, but this research also applies to you.

Taking breaks for socializing is key in maintaining a healthy brain space to allow for better retention of your study material. Don't believe us? Check out this study on The Importance of Socialization for Brain Development.

6: Get your daily vitamins

Certain vitamins and nutrients boost brain power in a number of ways. It can feel overwhelming to add all of these items into your diet, on top of the stressors you are already facing with those cram study sessions.

Thankfully, many of these nutrients can be found in over the counter nutritional supplements. Here are the top vitamins and nutrients you should have in your diet, what they do for you, and the foods they are found in:

Omega-3: Help the brain to function correctly. Found in fish, nuts, seeds, and egg yolks.
Vitamin B12: Prevents fatigue. Found in meat, fish, dairy, and cereal.
Vitamin B6: Improves cognitive function. Found in pork, chicken, turkey, fish, bread, vegetables, peanuts, milk, and cereal.
Iodine: Essential for brain growth and development. Found in cod, seaweed, turkey, yogurt, tuna, eggs, and strawberries.
Zinc: Helps brain metabolism and growth. Found in meat, fish, legumes, mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, garlic, dairy, cereals, nuts, and seeds.

7: Take a nap

A quick power nap, typically no more than 30 minutes, allows your brain to hit the subject material in a rejuvenated state of mind. During sleep our bodies repair themselves, including our brains. A quick power nap also allows your mind to process the information you have been cramming into it and stores it safely into your memory.

For additional ways to improve your study sessions, check out 20 Study Hacks to Improve Your Memory. When you're finished, head over to the management courses that may improve your productivity.

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