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Sensory Rooms Are a Cutting-Edge Memory Treatment

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Memory Care Treatment

You may have heard of sensory rooms if you’re currently looking for memory care options for a loved one. Memory care is a form of long-term care for people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia. Sensory rooms are one of the more recent developments in the growing field of memory care treatments.


Sensory rooms can be designed at home or in retirement residences that cater to those with Alzheimer’s. They are designed to provide sensory stimulation or calmness.

What does it take to create a positive impact sensory room? A guide to sensory rooms from two British academics has some insight, including advice about materials and tools that can be used to stimulate the senses.

Scents like lavender have a relaxing, calming effect. Nature sounds or sounds from the outdoors can trigger memories and improve moods. Even taste may play a role in sensory rooms.

Sensory rooms can also include familiar objects, soft, filtered light, and objects like sand or water for tactile effects.

Studies show that sensory rooms have a positive impact on seniors with Alzheimer’s. Sensory rooms that are adapted to the individual’s needs can improve motor skills and cognitive tasks. That makes it easier to perform everyday tasks independently.

When it’s time to learn about senior housing options for a loved one, you need a retirement residence that will meet your family’s needs. If that includes memory care, including treatment for Alzheimer’s and dementia, ask about sensory rooms.

Not all retirement communities have the same facilities. Under the All Seniors Care Living Centres family of retirement residences there are several buildings that offer memory care facilities, including sensory rooms.

With retirement residences across Canada, let them know what your loved one’s specific needs are so that they can find the right facility.

Residences like the Courtyards on Eagleson in Kanata, Ontario are purpose-built for memory care and providing assisted living to those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The residence has a dedicated and caring nursing team who provide memory care and assisted living care for those who experience challenges with mobility as well as day-to-day life.

Designed to allow residents to move freely through the single-story residence, there’s 24-hour nursing care, plenty of outdoor space, and in-house medical specialists.

One of the things All Seniors Care emphasizes is aging in place. They don’t move residents around once they move in. Their suite is their suite – a place where they can feel comfortable and independent.

The familiarity and stability provided by aging in place is crucial for residents with Alzheimer’s. Studies show that they thrive in environments that stimulate their memory.

Objects such as important heirlooms can also help jog memories and provide comfort. Seniors with Alzheimer’s also respond more positively to memory care treatments in environments that are familiar and positive.

Choose the right retirement residence for a loved one who requires memory care. Do your research and find a retirement residence with on-site medical specialists, 24-hour nursing care, assisted living, and cutting-edge memory treatments such as sensory rooms.


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