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What Degree Do Geniuses Major in?

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Education and Genius

The Genius and IQ thing would never die whether you believe it or not. As this present century is filled with a lot of scientific and technological advancement, so is the more desire to upgrade our brain to the human 2.0 version.

Needless to say, there are tons of argument from around the web as to whether the level of intelligence implies a chosen career. Does the degree you major in has a direct influence on your IQ? 

If not a direct influence, could there be a correlation between being a genius and such degree as Robotics engineering? Are all geniuses necessarily partaking in most of the hardest course you can ever imagine?

These are the fundamental questions that I often hear people mention and of course, I am apt to almost always answer them with a resonating NO. At least, there is no causal factor or predetermined brain wiring that makes a genius choose a degree. 

In fact, not all geniuses are in the most rigorous science field like Aerospace engineering or robotics and putatively, not all of them choose science as their area of specialization. There are music geniuses as much as there are social and philosophy geniuses.

What do smartest people major in?

Smart people do major in pretty much any degree you can ever imagine. According to the Complete University Guide, below is a not-so-exhaustive list of degrees to consider, yet could be helpful, depending on your choice:
  1. Accounting & Finance
  2. Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering
  3. Agriculture & Forestry
  4. American Studies
  5. Anatomy & Physiology
  6. Anthropology
  7. Archaeology
  8. Architecture
  9. Art & Design
  10. Aural & Oral Sciences
  11. Biological Sciences
  12. Building
  13. Business & Management Studies
  14. Celtic Studies
  15. Chemical Engineering
  16. Chemistry
  17. Civil Engineering
  18. Classics & Ancient History
  19. Communication & Media Studies
  20. Complementary Medicine
  21. Computer Science
  22. Counselling
  23. Creative Writing
  24. Criminology
  25. Dentistry
  26. Drama, Dance & Cinematics
  27. East & South Asian Studies
  28. Economics
  29. Education
  30. Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  31. English
  32. Fashion
  33. Film Making
  34. Food Science
  35. Forensic Science
  36. French
  37. Geography & Environmental Sciences
  38. Geology
  39. General Engineering
  40. German
  41. History
  42. History of Art, Architecture & Design
  43. Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism
  44. Iberian Languages/Hispanic Studies
  45. Italian
  46. Land & Property Management
  47. Law
  48. Librarianship & Information Management
  49. Linguistics
  50. Marketing
  51. Materials Technology
  52. Mathematics
  53. Mechanical Engineering
  54. Medical Technology
  55. Medicine
  56. Middle Eastern & African Studies
  57. Music
  58. Nursing
  59. Occupational Therapy
  60. Optometry, Ophthalmology & Orthoptics
  61. Pharmacology & Pharmacy
  62. Philosophy
  63. Physics and Astronomy
  64. Physiotherapy
  65. Politics
  66. Psychology
  67. Robotics
  68. Russian & East European Languages
  69. Social Policy
  70. Social Work
  71. Sociology
  72. Sports Science
  73. Theology & Religious Studies
  74. Town & Country Planning and Landscape Design
  75. Veterinary Medicine
  76. Youth Work.
Now what? It's crystal-clear that beings smart means that you major in anything that's cool to you. Isn't it?

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