Steve Wozniak's IQ

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IQ of Steve Wozniak

IQ of Steve Wozniak is yet another debate of all celebrities' IQ score. Since people are really obsessed with IQ these days, Woz probably claims an IQ 200 due to his editors knowing quite well that people abnormally care about I.Q.


Therefore, it intended nothing of significance so he just put down 200 to be humorous and make appropriate fun of all those millions who are IQ-hungry with an undying desire to know what it all means.

Similarly, Einstein by no means took nor cared at all about his I.Q. knowing even 70 years ago that such a quotient has no meaning at all except what some people desires to put on it.

In all the history of the world, no one has ever been employed for any position due to having a high I.Q. No one ever. —— says, William Rogers on Quora.

An I.Q. test has the same useful equivalency to being ‘smart’ as a polygraph computer has to be capable to tell if a man or woman is telling the truth or not.

Does Steve Woz's IQ matter?

To Steve Wozniak, IQ doesn't matter to as it is evident how he laughed it away in an interview, humorously claiming to have an almost unrealistic IQ of 200. Who cares?

Now, it's not only about Steve Wozniak. Woz has already succeeded by being creative to the point of the Expensive Apple projects.

What your IQ won't do for you

  • IQ won't teach you how to make $$$,$$$,$$$
  • IQ won't necessarily give you a good life
  • IQ won't matter if you can't actualize your potential
  • IQ won't buy you a Ferarri.

Is IQ totally useless?

NO. The reason is, IQ can surely help you ace tests, exams, puzzles, and logic. So IQ really isn't useless in the academic spheres. But whatever value you attribute to IQ really boils down to you personally, and of course, the tangible achievements you can ever make of it.

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