Are You Intelligent?

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How Do You Know if You are Intelligent?

Most of us assume that we are intelligent. We always like to fool ourselves that we are smarter than others. The only problem is that others too assume the same way and they don’t want to believe someone else could be smarter than them. Who cares?


Unfortunately, this leads to a number of problems in our existence because:

1. When we believe that we are more intelligent than others, we don’t listen to their point of view and subsequently suffer in our life.

2. When we agree that others are less smarter than us, we get frustrated when they don’t listen to us

There are countless strategies to measure talent like taking IQ Test, getting admission into prestigious establishments like Oxford, Cambridge, Havard or IIM; or getting super earnings in a top company.

If you too trust these to be the measure of intelligence, you have to possibly treat some of the biggest men like Gandhi (who scored poorly in academics), Einstein (who obtained the job of a Class III clerk) or even Bill Gates (a college dropout) as non-intelligent.

Ask these questions to help you understand if you're really intelligent

1: Can You Solve Real-Life Problems?

The clever humans are desirable in solving the real-life problems. The actual life troubles are pretty exceptional from the textbook problems, where the right answer is already regarded and each and every hassle is simplified to a mathematical problem.

In the actual world, no state of affairs is ever the same. Even when the trouble is the same, the people and situations are different. Hence, you have to be simply sensible to discover options to the real-life issues which are always special and whose accuracy is recognized solely in future.

2: Do You Choose the Right People for Right Job?

When it comes to fixing problem, it is impossible for anyone to know the proper solutions to all the problems. However, a smart person knows pretty nicely as to who is the proper person to solve a unique problem. He chooses the proper person for the proper job and solves each problem shortly and effectively.

3: Do You Often Succeed in Achieving Your Goal?

Ordinary people are continually pushed by way of the motivation of others who often idiot them by telling things like ‘nothing is impossible’, ‘you can do anything in your life’, ‘be constantly effective and optimistic’ etc.

Intelligent human beings know themselves so accurately that recognize precisely where there are good and where they are not. They attempt only for such dreams which are within their ambit and their chances of success are fairly good. Hence their successes are continually extra than their failures. How can you be known as intelligent, if you fail in accomplishing what you desire in your life? Even when a smart person fails, he learns from it and makes it a stepping stone of success.

4: Are You Creative?

Intelligence is not possible except creativity. A man without creativity is like a laptop which can efficiently execute the functions for which it is designed or programmed but can’t do nothing more. A smart person is noticeably creative as he never repeats the same mistake twice. When Thomas A. Edison said,

I have not failed. I've simply discovered ten thousand methods that won't work.

If you are looking for a perfect example of persistence, Edison is definitely one of the greatest examples on earth. Exhibiting his creativity meant that he was actively looking for ten thousand new ways to do the same thing. A smart individual usually discovers another method, if the current method no longer works.

5: Are You Happy?

If you are not comfortable with your life, you are really no longer intelligent. It is due to the fact your first aim of lifestyles is to be completely happy and as a smart person, you ought to know what makes you happy and how can you attain happiness for self and others. If you are annoyed with life, you perhaps don’t understand yourself and the world. Under such a situation, how can you be referred to as intelligent?

6: Can You Synthesize Knowledge?

Intelligent people are no longer terrific scholars. They are rarely particularly educated from the top business schools. They don’t waste their time gaining knowledge of something which they are never going to use.

They have the capability to study from all of us and from everyone. They have the potential to use the know-how of one subject into another domain. They are no longer area specialist however experts of life. They see cohesion in diversity as Einstein said,

All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the identical tree.

If you can use your expertise of artwork in science and the theories of science in religion, you are intelligent. If you can’t find out the connections between separate things, you can’t be called intelligent.

7: Can You Work with People Smarter than You?

Intelligent people are now not the most incredible people. They frequently have negative recollections and sluggish analytical strength. The memories of forgetfulness of Einstein and Newton are well known.

However, they have the ‘knowledge of knowledge’. They have the macro-picture of the world and they comprehend how person matters match into its suitable place. Hence when they meet smarter and greater successful people, they don’t feel inferior but as an alternative use their strengths to attain their objectives.

8: Can You Predict People’ Behaviour Accurately?

Intelligent human beings are able to not only predict their personal behaviour in a given scenario but also in a position to predict the behaviour of different people, they are dealing with.

They are rarely surprised when people behave in a unique way because they already recognize the humans deeply from their past behaviour.

While regular people’s expectation of themselves and others are based on idealism and wishful thinking, smart people’s behaviour is based totally on practical assessment. Hence they are in no way dissatisfied with humans as their expectations are realistically accurate.

9: Can You Predict Future Accurately?

While most people discover the future pretty unpredictable, the smart people already comprehend the future before it comes. Hence they are always ready for the future. Because of their correct understanding of the humans and the laws of the world, they not only predict the future but additionally make their future.

While their predictions may not always be certainly correct, however like precise archers, they continually shoot the arrows very close to to the bull’s eye. Their prediction of future is rarely off the mark.

10: Can You Prevent Problems

While everyday human beings clear up the troubles as and when they arise, smart people are in a position to prevent the trouble itself due to their accurate knowledge of the purpose and effect.

They understand that nothing takes place in this world at random and that the whole thing happens due to some cause.

Hence by means of stopping the reasons proactively, they are in a position to prevent the delivery of hassle itself. Albert Einstein stated this very wisely,

Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses stop them.

Now what?

If your answer is positive on most of these qualities, you are exceptionally smart.

But if your answer to most of the questions is negative, you can’t be said to be smart no matter all different indicators setting up your intelligence.

Your academic qualification, IQ score or your income should be isolated for a while. Yes, it's time to rethink and be real.

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