10 Things Your Hair Say Loud - The Psychological Factors Revealed

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Not only your facial attribute and best-loved accessories say a few things about yourself; your tresses can also reveal things about you.

A research study shows, derived from Chinese medicine, it has been found that most fascinating personality attribute can be predicted based on hair. So today we compiled 10 personality traits and psychological factors that your hair type and habits convey:

1. If you have curly hair, that signifies that you are fun-loving, warm-hearted attribute. And you tend to do things faster compared to other people.

Ladies that have curly hair are also portrayed to be generous and do things, like task assignment completion much faster than other people. People with this hairstyle have a “fire personality, “that includes love, leadership, passion, insight, aggression, intuition, reason, dynamism, and expressiveness. They also have a problem of focusing on one thing for a long time. This can be the reason they finish assignments much faster than most people.

2. Women with thick winding hair are innovative and creative

Surprisingly, they also have high energy, strong willpower, they are also deeply emotional, need a deep intense connection, and their feelings can be hurt much easier than you think. However, sometimes they have a harder time communicating with people about things and they calm up. Wavy-haired also needs regular alone time, even though they might fall I love with you. Freedom is also more important to them too (maybe because their hair is so feral), therefore monogamy is not always easy for them as well. They also tend to conserve the energy they have, but they are also still creative.

3. If you have straight hair that you always curl, it can mean you are craving more much fun in your life.

Just as your body craves certain foods, curling your hair can be like satisfying a craving for your life. When you curl your hair, it creates a shift in you where you will attract experiences that are more exciting because your hair becomes instantly more interesting, and you will broadcast a more positive, fun message into the world. That is the theory behind it.

4. People with curly hair that they constantly straighten, it might mean that their life is too chaotic and they need to calm down.

According to Chinese medicine, all systems strive for balance, so there is a masked desire in everyone to come back into balance. Therefore by flat-ironing your hair, you make it straight, controlling its intensity and giving yourself some sense of calmness.

5. If your hairline goes straight across, it’s the sign of a rebel who will break the rules

From the context of Chinese face reading, the hairline is often referred to as the “Mother’s Influence.” Therefore if your mother believed in challenging the rules, chances are high that you will have a straight hairline that means you’ll be a rebel and tend to challenge the rules, too. This is also a sign that making a positive change in the world is also important to you.

6. If your hairstyle is highly maintained, you might be self-critical or a drama queen.

If it takes you a lot of time to get ready in the morning, this can mean two things:
I. That you are very self-critical, anxious, and you are worried about details too much, that might be why you spend long hours on your tresses trying to get everything right.
II. You can be a drama queen who likes attention. So by default, you make your hairstyle stand out so that you can get noticed.

7. Having medium-length wash-and-go style insinuates that you are a good thinker and you value logic.

You also tend to be impatient and you are easily frustrated. This style suits you because it is no muss, no fuss. This is also an indication that you are someone who values logic before anything else, so women with this hairstyle tend to be good thinkers. Another thing that they value much is common sense and they think that people who wallow in their own emotions should just get over what they dealing with. In addition, they are also goal-oriented, and some of them can be very competitive. They are very straightforward and just want things done accordingly.

8.    If you have chosen to shave your head bald (or if you’re going bald naturally), chances are you’re super romantic

In Chinese face reading, being bald is a very positive thing. If by any chance you this style by choice, or not opting for a wig from the China hair vendor when your hair thins or you go bald naturally, and a sparkling personality. Women with this hairstyle love the early stages of love and therefore, they look for new exciting moments.

9. Having thick hair means you have strong willpower.

If you are lucky to have thick hair, you probably tend to have a lot of energy and you have a very strong willpower. Tough it can also mean you’re stubborn. People with thick hair also tend to have a lower sex drive. If you have thin hair, then chances are that you are delicate, meaning you are not into extreme sports and that you like to conserve your energy more.

10. If you have red hair, chances are you’re fun.

It does not matter whether you have dyed, redheads are usually fun-loving, and they hate to be bored; also have a good sense of humor. Different solid hair colors mean something in conjunction with your facial attributes, but red hair is the only one that stands out on its own and means something by itself. Women with red hair are also fickle in relationships because they like the infatuation stage of love. As if not enough, sometimes they can even be drama queens. They can also be shy and can be afraid of rejection.

Well, from the above explanations it is therefore evidential that besides our facial attributes our hairstyle tells a lot about us.

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