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How Technology Can Help to Teach Writing in College


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A lot of students have poor writing skills. Read the article to learn about some tech-focused ways to help students master the art of essay writing. 

So How Can Technology Help to Teach Writing?

benefits of technology in writingHigh school teachers are concerned about the lack of proficiency in writing among high school students but the overall effect of poor writing skills on student achievements is a large concern. Many high school graduates who enter colleges and universities struggle with their written assignments and often have to rely on professional help from online writing services such as, Custom Essay Writing. Writing problems can be an obstacle on a student’s way to academic and career success. 

The good news is that teachers can use a variety of tech methods and tools for teaching writing available now that can make the teaching process easier for teachers and more enjoyable for students. 

Of course, not every method of teaching writing skills will work for all students in every class, but with such a variety, every teacher is sure to find something that will help improve writing skills of his/her students. In this article, we offer some tech-focused ways to help students master the art of essay writing.

Grammar tutorials for practice

A lot of students find it hard to understand principles of tricky English grammar even if they have taught it just because they don’t see how these grammar rules can be connected with their real-life experiences. 

There is a gap between grammar concepts and a way how they can be put into practice in real-life work. Here technology can really help because there are lots of websites that offer interactive grammar tutorials with interesting exercises and other activities to engage students. 

The tutorials help students master their grammar skills and fill in the gaps in their overall knowledge. There are software programs that can help students during the writing process that address grammar issues when they happen. Tutorials help students become confident writers and make fewer mistakes.

Online tools to collaborate on writing projects

There are technologies that allow students to work together on different projects, including writing as well. There are online platforms that allow collaboration and some of these tools are free like Google Drive. 

Online platforms allow students to develop a writing project together and share feedback, giving advice and criticism. They are easy to use and help work more productively. Teachers can also participate and give feedback as long as project is shared. 

Practice writing on a tablet

Tablets have become common tools in classrooms for a variety of activities. They can be also used for teaching writing skills because they offer an easy way for high school students to share their thoughts. 

Besides, students can download lots of different apps to practice spelling, grammar, share their writing on social media or work with other students on different projects. Researchers revealed that students who used tablets in classrooms were 8% more likely to succeed in the state writing exam.

Publish student work

Technology offers great opportunities to help get students feel proud of their writing. When students like the results of their work, they are sure to be pleased to see it published online. 

The internet provides a variety of publication options that teachers can take advantage of to promote student work, for example, school blogs or websites. Knowing that their writing can be published online can be a great motivation for students to work better.

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