List of 45 Must Read K-12 EdTech Blogs

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By Farid Gasim

For teachers, it may be hard to stay updated with changing technology in the classroom. At the same time, it’s also important to keep up with new updates in education technology. Teachers should always be knowledgeable on the latest edtech blogs, which provide teachers great insights on current tools and best practices.

K-12 EdTech blogs
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There are all kinds of edtech blogs. If you don’t know where to begin, you can browse some blogs on math, reading, science, and other disciplines!  Some blogs also tackle coding perfect for students from kindergarten to high school. Here’s a list of the best edtech blogs for K-12 teachers:

1. EdSurge
Twitter: @EdSurge
EdSurge is an independent education technology information resource and community. Teachers can find K12 and HigherEd Edtech News, Research, Jobs, Products, and Events.

2.  I’m a Girl Who Codes
Twitter: @GirlsWhoCode
It’s a non-profit blog that works to inspire, educate, and equip girls with the computing skills to pursue 21st century opportunities.

3.  edX Blog
Twitter: @edXOnline
Get the latest news, articles, and information about MOOCs on edX. Learn about exciting new online courses from the top universities worldwide.

4.   Cool Cat Teacher
Twitter: @coolcatteacher
The Cool Cat Teacher blog has lots of teaching tips, tricks, and advice to engage your students and help them learn. Take your teaching to the next level!

5.  Web 2.0 Classroom
Twitter: @web20classroom
This blog is renowned for his insightful tweets and retweets, Steve Anderson blogs about powerful ways to use technology in the classroom. Most recently, he posted about the power of TED talks and how to teach kids to evaluate news sources.

6.    Free e-Learning Resources
Twitter: @elearnindustry
Find over 1000 free eLearning resource for both new eLearning professionals and the experienced ones. From 72 free eLearning storyboard templates, and 51 free eLearning ebooks to 259 free educational technology tools - this blog has it all.

7. ISTE EdTekHub
Twitter: @isteconnects
A recognized leader in educational technology, ISTE analyzes current trends in areas such as coding and Virtual Reality. Updated daily, the blog will keep you up-to-date on the changing world of edtech.

8. Free Technology for Teachers
Twitter:  @rmbyrne
Richard Byrne provides an array of resources, such as free apps and other tools, to help teachers find cost-effective solutions for introducing technology in the classroom.

9. Edudemic
Twitter: @Edudemic
The sheer volume of resources available at this site will blow you away. It’s a goldmine of new ideas and lesson plans.

10. Principal’s Reflections
Twitter: @E_sheninger
Eric Sheninger reflects on digital leadership and how it affects parental communication and student and faculty engagement. He connects trends in technology with changes in the larger culture.

11. Kleinspiration
Twitter: @KleinErin
Author and award-winning educator Erin Klein provides practical strategies to increase student achievement and engagement with technology. She earns top marks for her engaging and relevant website.

12. Kathy Schrock’s Kaffeeklatsch
Twitter: @kathyschrock
Educational technologist Kathy Schrock shares her discoveries and insights about educational technology and its impact in the classroom. Recent blog posts offer ideas for using Pokemon Go in the classroom and for creating 360° images with a cell phone.

13. Teacher Tech
Twitter: @alicekeeler
A certified Google trainer, Alice Keeler will help you keep up with Google’s constant expansions. She’s exceptionally skilled in the use of Google Classroom.

14. The Nerdy Teacher
Twitter: @thenerdyteacher
Nicholas Provenzano shares his ideas about being a connected educator. Recent articles outline how to create a meaningful Makerspace program.

15. Tech & Learning
Twitter: @techlearning
The bloggers at Tech & Learning ponder issues around technology as well as practical tips for making the most of Google Classroom and the integration of STEM. One of their recent offerings: an exploration of whether or not the paper has become obsolete.

16. Getting Smart
Twitter: @Getting_Smart
Use this blog to follow professional development events and listen to podcasts about educational technology and leadership. Recent topics include school transformation and leadership development in the classroom.

17. Dangerously Irrelevant
Twitter: @mcleod
This blog addresses issues of social and ethical concern as they relate to the use of technology in the classroom. Frequent topics include the development of self-actualization and leadership.

18. Learning in Hand
Twitter: @tonyvincent
Tony Vincent’s technology blog has been around since the 1990s, and it’s still a treasure trove of advice and resources today. Recently he provides tips for teacher iPad use and formative assessment tools.

19. Speed of Creativity
Twitter: @wfryer
Wesley Fryer documents his work with students and educators around the globe in the creative use of multimedia. Recently he offered a digital literacy challenge to create an information filter bot.

20. High Techpectations
Twitter: @elemenous
Innovation consultant Lucy Gray curates resources, conferences, and professional development opportunities for innovative educators. Her posts include weekly roundups of new edtech resources.

21. Class Tech Tips
Twitter: @ClassTechTips
Edtech consultant Dr. Monica Burns provides a rundown of all the latest technology tips and tricks. Recently she demonstrated an app called Kinvolved for taking attendance, as well as the annotation of images using an iPad.

22. Learning with ‘e’s
Twitter: @timbuckteeth
Steve Wheeler, a professor of educational technology, explores our changing culture and the ways teachers must adapt to it. His blog features periodic interviews with education influencers.

23. The Innovative Educator
Twitter:    @InnovativeEdu
Lisa Nielsen’s daily blog posts focus on ways to make education more relevant for students by embracing technology and channeling their passions. Recent topics include how to teach students to evaluate the accuracy of the news, and how to tell if your students are digital learners.

24. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
Twitter: @medkh9
Med Kharbach shares free tutorials and reviews of apps and tools. Topics include how to convert PDFs to editable text and basic Google Classroom tips.

25. Steve Hargadon
Twitter: @stevehargadon
A pioneer in the field of educational technology, Steve Hargadon offers timely suggestions for things like turning PCs into Chromebooks and even has the occasional fun giveaway. Articles focus on edtech as a vehicle to drive meaningful learning.

26. TCEA
Twitter: @TCEA
Officially the blog for the Texas Computer Education Association, this website is crammed with great ideas and resources for educators everywhere. Most recently, it offers tips on photo editing and a roundup of leadership courses.

27. Catlin Tucker
Twitter: @Catlin_Tucker
This blog offers a candid exploration of different solutions for blended learning. Recent offerings explore the pros and cons of co-teaching.

28. The Power of Educational Innovation
School administrator Liz Davis chronicles her adventures in leading technology innovation in her school and her region. Her recent posts tell a story of inspiring students to lead through an Edcamp program.

29. CoSN Blog
Twitter: @CoSN
The official blog of the Consortium for School Networking presents occasional “Trusted Learning Environment” articles, in which they focus on the technology implementation efforts of member school districts. This will inspire you to think of ways you can make your own school a “Trusted Learning Environment.”

30. Hack Education
Twitter: @hackeducation
This blog discusses how current policies and issues impact the future of education technology. Recent articles ponder the potential effects of the Trump presidency on edtech.

31. My Paperless Classroom
Twitter: @SamPatue
A tech integration specialist presents his real-life trials and triumphs. He also shares ideas for unique Makerspace projects.

32. Instructional Tech Talk
Twitter: @jeffherb
Jeff Herb presents a potpourri of videos, podcasts, and articles about the effective use of technology tools. Recently he has shared strategies for using Ozobot, as well as tips for the use of online videos in the classroom.

33. Emerging Ed Tech
Twitter: @EmergingEdTech
Daily posts include thoughts on how to use technology to improve reading. Articles focus on edtech as a vehicle to drive meaningful learning.

34. MiddleWeb
Twitter: @middleweb
This blog focuses on the integration of technology in grades 4-8. It offers tools to revamp organizational systems and deepen student connections.

35. E-learning Provocateur
Twitter: @ryantracey
Australian e-learning manager Ryan Tracy blogs about e-learning as a route to deeper thinking. He frequently ponders “cognitive reality:” the influence and potential of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

36. Tammy’s Technology Tips for Teachers
Twitter: @tammyworcester
Tammy Worcester works independently as an instructional technology specialist and curates hundreds of tools, tips, and ideas on her website. She is especially savvy at tricks for using Google apps in unique ways in the classroom.

37. Cycles of Learning
Twitter: @mneedleman
Ramsay Musallam relates how he uses unique approaches to technology to make instruction more meaningful to students. Definitely a blog worth checking out.

38. Start With a Question
Twitter: @kerryhawk02
Digital learning specialist Kerry Gallagher shares tips for safe and ethical use of technology in the classroom. Recent provocative topics include the spread of fake news.

39. Ed Tech Strategies
Twitter: @douglevin
Doug Levin blogs about the current legal and political scene, and how policy affects the availability of technology in the classroom. Most recently, he discussed possible FCC changes and how schools will be affected.

40. Center for Digital Education
Twitter: @centerdigitaled
This blog offers regular updates to news about efforts to implement technology in public and private schools. Warnings about email scams and posts about mobile devices in schools will keep you up-to-date on issues affecting edtech.

41. On an e-Journey With Generation Y
Twitter: @murcha
An Australian Information Technology teacher shares her ideas and experiences around fostering global connections in the classroom. She is especially masterful in her use of Skype as a tool to teach about culture.

42. Technology Bits Bytes and Nibbles
Twitter: @cyndidannerkuhn
A self-described “educational futurist,” Cyndi Danner-Kuhn shares specific ideas and strategies for integrating technology into all aspects of learning. Most recently, she wrote about how to integrate Google apps into the Rigor Relevance framework.

43. Educational Technology Guy
Twitter: @daveandcori
David Andrade shows teachers a variety of options to access free tools and resources for effective technology use in the classroom. Recently he shared a framework to help education leaders pilot new technology.

44. EdTech Roundup
Twitter: @ETRoundup
Just as its name implies, this is a weekly “roundup” of all the latest edtech news and developments. This blog is ideal simply for staying informed about breakthroughs and trends.

45. Teaching With Technology
Twitter: @BethanyPetty
Bethany Petty shares tips and ideas that she learned from the trenches of her own flipped, blended and gamified classroom.

46. Neuroscientia
Twitter: @Neuroscientia
Here at Neuroscientia, we publish relevant tech resources you need to help you supercharge your cognitive potential. Find the best cognitive assessment instruments to improve your brain processing speed, available to students and educators at no cost. Stay with us.

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About the Author: Farid Gasim is Founder of Edarabia and has extensive experience in serving the Middle East education industry. As an integral part of media agency, Grafdom, Farid has developed marketing strategies for institutions and government agencies. He is a notable speaker with over 12 years of marketing expertise and numerous public engagements at New York University, Zayed University, Higher Colleges of Technology and other industry events & forums.

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