Benefits of Joining the Mensa Group

Mensa benefits
Mensa Membership Benefits
Is there any real benefit of joining the Mensa group? You might ask: is Mensa worth joining at all? It is no news that IQ societies are growing around the world.

 Among these societies are the popular ones such as the High IQ Society, Pars, and of course, Mensa. So what membership benefits do Mensans enjoy?

Actually, the Mensa group is not without any benefits which include both direct and indirect benefits. Maybe you are already wondering that the Mensa group is only a waste of time or just a glorified version of stupidity, hear now: Mensa group makes sense, regardless of the criticism leveled against it – it is a society that connects intellectual people of like minds but with diverse point of views.

Want to join Mensa?

Go apply for the Mensa IQ test and ace 130+ right away, voila, 130+ would put you in the top 5% of high IQers in the world – you just got yourself qualified to become a member of this prestigious group. Though, passing the Mensa test is not as easy as it sounds but you could make lemonade out of lemon by using some practical IQ hacks for Mensa.

Seven major benefits of joining the Mensa group

1. Sense of belonging
Nothing is more fulfilling than being a member of the Mensa because you would meet people with similar or higher level of intellectual prowess, and you might want to learn from them or just socialize with them. If you really want to belong to a group of intellectuals, Mensa is your best bet.

2. Financial benefits
There are some financial benefits that attached to being a Mensan, ranging from discounts on insurance, a computer system (Dell PC), hotel stay, entertainment at the event, free newsletters, and travel allowance. Though all these are minor benefits, they could help you save your $$$.

3. Self-satisfaction
By joining Mensa, there might be a sense of self-satisfaction or fulfillment, raising your confidence and getting ego boost, thereby. A year book-like magazine would be given to you, this is intellectually imbued with a variety of subjects. It is professionally called the ‘Mensa World Journal’, of which, its contents were written by Mensans.

4. Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
As part of Mensa, there are Special Interest Groups (SIGs), evolved to help people pick an interest they want to identify with. There are segments or interest groups you might not really like but there are also a wide variety of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to choose from. For example, there are different groups about Art, Science, and Esoteric etc.

5. Tourism/Travelling
You would also be welcome if you want to attend the Mensan Event at another national. Isn’t this cool, if you had prepared for the financial cost? Tourism or traveling is nice especially if you have never been to such country.

6. Intellectual stimulation
Being part of Mensa guarantees that you would be intellectually stimulated by merely meeting high IQers of diverse perspective, opinion, age, and race; don’t worry, their questions and critiques won’t bore you since you are meeting with people of almost similar attitude to learning.

7. Social interaction
Of course, the sense of belongingness is the psychological fulfillment of the Maslow’s (1954) social need – also a stimulating factor to appreciate and embrace other Mensans. It is a nice gathering, though it might be relatively dull if you are an extrovert.

Why? Many high IQers are loners and introverts who could engage in creative activities like (writing, painting, assembling or making out something of mathematical formulas etc.) indoor. However, you would never feel lonely or dull on the event night usually a party held on Friday night – a get-together party where you wine and dine.

Without much ado, go join the Mensa if that appeals to you. But before you hit the red button on your browser to close this page, take this practice free IQ test to help you prepare for the ideal Mensa test, should you want to ace 130+ in Mensa test.

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