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Advantages and Disadvantages of an IQ Game

There are advantages or benefits and disadvantages or limitations of IQ testing by using an IQ game as an alternative to the traditional pro IQ test. These are further explained below:

Advantages of IQ Games

1. 95 in 100 of IQ games are free

It is unusual to find a paid IQ app/game, many of those paid IQ games have little or no difference when compared to their free alternatives. Though, the paid IQ test games are very cheap, would it not be better to save your $$$ for something like candy or coffee?

limitations of IQ testing
Intelligence testing pros and cons
2. IQ test on the Go

This means that IQ test games/apps can be readily available and easily accessible to you once you download them from any app repository. There is no need to constantly go online once you download an IQ app; alternatively, you might bookmark a web page like this free IQ test, if you are looking to test your IQ on the internet.

3. Personalized experience

Getting to test your IQ using an IQ app would make the experience on an IQ test, even more, fun and personal to you because this is no different from a brain game with utmost assurance of confidentiality, wherever your data (name, age etc.) might be required to infer your IQ score. No one wants unsolicited use of their data.

4. Gamified learning experience

Gamification is the process of using game(s) to simulate learning experience in such a way as to make learning interesting, just as games are. As a game, an IQ test could serve as a tool to gamify test experience so that a professional IQ test would be perceived as less difficult, and could prepare you towards a pro IQ test.

5. Structured interface

Instead of being clunky and messy as most IQ tests are, on prints, an IQ app is most likely to have a nice structured interface for an ease of navigation and a better user experience. Go download an IQ app now or bookmark this IQ test free now.

Disadvantages of IQ Games

1. Inaccurate predictions

If there is one thing that renders an IQ app worthless, it most likely would be their tendency towards inaccurate predictions of intelligence from the shitty psychological ‘Intelligence Quotient’ noise.  This is a problem with even the most seemly accurate professional IQ test, let alone an IQ game.

2. Validity issues

It is no news that traditional IQ tests were originally designed to measure intelligence and not just IQ. Since IQ tests could not be technically separated from IQ, it becomes even more difficult to make draw an exact inference about a person’s intelligence, from IQ, at least figuratively. More reliance on IQ tests would mean more flaws.

3. Reliability issues

Reliability is an integral part of any useful psychological instrument; you want a test that confirms stable results all the time, regardless of other factors being considered.

However, there is a problem with this: even if the test is reliable, how do we know that the consistency with the result is not masked by some other factors extraneous (extraneous variables) to the reliability factor itself?

For instance, consistency with IQ test results could be related to the fact that the test taker gets used to the test and thus become smarter at taking IQ tests. You see the problem here?

4. Age bias

Since many IQ test games would not consider age as a factor necessary for taking the IQ test and interpreting it, how do the test developers know that those items are suitable for all age groups?

So next time you want to take a gamified IQ test, pay attention to age. The same is said for our IQ test on this platform, however, you already know that this is a fun but advanced brain game that delivers result all the time.

5. Hype

If you enter ‘IQ test for free’ on the Google search bar, you would be surprised to see hundreds of thousands of search results already there. Why? Hype – many of them claim to deliver the results and accuracy they are less likely to deliver.

Now what?

Next time you are looking to test your IQ with an IQ game, see whether some of these factors apply so you don’t choose the wrong one. Go gamify IQ test now, it won’t cost you a penny anyway.

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