What Does an IQ Score of 124 Mean?

An IQ score of 124 means that you have a superior intelligence. 124 IQ is not the highest on the IQ scale, but rather it is higher than average. Given a standard deviation of 15 and a mean of 100, you are among the 0.96% of top intelligent people.

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What this score means: it is consequent upon many factors either biological, environmental or behavioural implying higher level abstract thinking, fast brain processing speed, ability to establish relationships between seemingly unrelated variables.

What this 124 IQ doesn't tell you
Because IQ test generally has limitations, 124 IQ isn't a complete depiction of your overall intelligence.

Limitations of an IQ Test

Generally, an IQ test is limited in two ways:

1. IQ tests only provide estimates of intellectual ability.
The results cannot provide information about the origin of a certain difficulty in a person.

2. IQ tests are not designed to measure things like social skills, creativity, motivation, self-esteem, or family environment - all factors that may be important to a person’s achievement.

Have an IQ score of 124, now what?

124 is well above average. In any case, IQ just means your ability for learning. It doesn't gauge what you - have realized, or how keen you are in loads of different ways. It doesn't foresee accomplishment in work or life or school.

Furthermore, genuine IQ is difficult to quantify precisely in light of the fact that tests can't undoubtedly gauge unused limit, they can just quantify the amount you know, and maybe how well you can tackle certain sorts of issues.

In case that you truly do have an IQ well above average, at that point your constraints lie in different spots - your capacity to take care of issues, your capacity to impart, to coexist with individuals, to carry out a vocation successfully. We as a whole have confinements, in any event, you know yours are not IQ.

An Intelligence Quotient score of 124 implies that the individual falls into the better range between 120 than 129 and is more intelligent than around 91 percent of the general population, as indicated in the normal distribution (guassian) curve.

At the point when IQ scores are connected to vocation decisions, individuals in the prevalent range can possess occupations, for example, medical attendants, drug specialists, librarians, teachers, stenographers, and directors.

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