What Does an IQ Score of 114 Mean?

You are looking for what an IQ score of 114 means because you are probably IQ-obsessed. You want to know different Intelligence Quotient levels and where you belong within this spectrum.

IQ scale
IQ chart
It is no big deal but I hate IQ tests because they seem much of hype and many of them are losing their values. Think it from the traditional Weschler to progressive matrices to Mensa. One thing common to these measures, abstract thinking.

Many of life's problem can rather be solved creatively by devising new ways or solutions. If you read my earlier post about IQ score of 137, you would have learned why IQ tests do not worth your time, all the time.
Back to the question:

What does an IQ of 114 mean?
It is an average IQ score.
Don't understand? Look at the diagram of normal distribution for IQs above, you would see where it falls within the spectrum, you are averagely intelligent if you have this IQ.
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