What Does an IQ Score of 152 Mean?

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An IQ score of 152 is a genius IQ score, given a standard deviation of 15 and a mean of 100.

IQ score of 152
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Might you need to answer your request on IQ score of 152? Maybe you took an IQ test and now you consider whether 152 is an OK or shocking IQ score? Or, on the other hand, obviously perhaps you know some person who has a 152 IQ and you're taking a gander at whether 152 is a high IQ or not.
No doubt, 153 is an unremarkable IQ score. Truth be told, 152 IQ is statistically high and would place you on the tail end of the IQ scale.

Precisely, most IQ scores go from 40 to 140. Regular IQ ranges from 80 to 120. In this manner, an IQ of 152 is generally alright. There are two or three people with a higher score than you, yet rest assured that you are path superior to anything expected and by far most people have a lower IQ score than 152.

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This is Neuroscientia's light of an IQ score of 152. There are different IQ tests which test things like your memory, general data, and intelligence. See the quick IQ test.

Some would argue that your IQ score depends upon your biology and environment. For example, you would have more chance if the IQ test is in your language or a boost if you grow up in a developed area.

Anyway, Neuroscientia's understanding may give you an indication of what your 152 IQ score proposes. In like manner, people have specific cutoff focuses and favors past their scholarly resource.

A man's IQ of 152 does not show if that individual is pivotal, irritating, flawless or all the all the all the more stunning over some other person.

Have some fun with this free IQ test.
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