What Does an IQ Score of 195 Mean?

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An IQ score of 195 means that you are an unusual genius. Thinking this is just another hype about the IQ? If you have ever heard about Christopher Langhan, chances are, that you have also heard about his IQ score of 195.

IQ 195
IQ scale
195 is an extremely rare IQ score. If anyone ever scored that high, it places them on the top 0.0000000001 percent of the world IQers. That is almost impossible, Isn't it? It could only seem impossible but it is not impossible.

People have score even higher. For example, Leonado Da Vinci had an estimated IQ of 210, William James Sidis had an estimated IQ score of 300. Crazy? Estimates, though. These are all interesting IQ scores. Isn't it?

Factors affecting IQ:
The following factors usually combine to influence your IQ level:

☆ Biological endowment (Gene and nervous system)

☆ Environment (Location, availability of enriching stimuli e.g water, nutrition, electeicity etc.).

☆ Personality trait (Openness to experience extroversion, introversion etc).

Take away:
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