What Does an IQ Score of 185 Mean?

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An IQ score of 185 means that you are a super genius. A real IQ test takes many hours to complete and costs hundreds of dollars. Chances are good that the one you took wasn't a real IQ test.

IQ of 185
IQ chart
Fewer than 100 people in the world would score that high on a real IQ test. An IQ of 185 means you should have graduated from college by your age. So if that's your real IQ, you're severely underusing your potential and probably always will.

But it's not because you almost certainly took a fake one. Not to mention the fact that a real psychologist would have explained the score to you, so you wouldn't have to ask here.

Going to hold up a hand and slow you down on those first few statements.

Intelligence and wisdom are different things.

Morality and common sense are generally taught, or inferred inductively from past experiences. "Common sense" tells us that, if we put our hand near fire, the fire will likely burn us.

The brilliant chemist playing with explosive chemicals knows his experiment might blow up, and his more safety-cautious flunky may warn him that it goes against common sense to mix compound X with compound Y, but he tries it anyway and, as predicted by the flunky, it blows up in his face. Smart person doing a dumb thing.

Morality tells us that killing is always wrong. Yet, we have provisions for things like self-defense and manslaughter vs murder, ideas like 'the greatest good for the greatest number', nationalism, religious righteousness.

Morality is like culture - taught and reinforced mostly through social structure. Evolutionary concepts also give good reasons not to cheat kill or steal (from/on different people).

Anyhow, to return to your question: What is someone with an IQ of 185 capable of? Rarely even things we can imagine, until someone points out how beautifully simple they are. Note, that the standard deviation is ~15 for IQ tests, that 100 is the norm for the population, and that 185 is 5.66 standard deviations above 100. This is a fraction smaller than 1 per 1 million.

Albert Einstein had an IQ of only 160; he gave us spacetime, wormholes, and relativity while working as a patent clerk.
Isaac Newton had an IQ of 190; he invented calculus on a dare - his friends wanted to know why the stars didnt follow their complicated models.

Gottfried Leibniz had an IQ of 210, and he also invented calculus - independently from Newton, but Newton's version won over in a popularity contest because it had simpler notation.

John Stuart Mill had an IQ of 200, and he wrote some very important treatises on various social topics - some of them were dead wrong, others incredibly insightful.
John F Kennedy had an IQ of 117, and did brilliant things for politics.

Andy Warhol had an IQ of 86, and captivated millions with his art. A simple sketch of his, as linked below, sells for over ten thousand dollars. Nevermind what the famous works go for.

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