What Does an IQ Score of 176 Mean?

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An IQ score of 176 means that you are a genius in the top 0.1% category. All things considered, it would be very remarkable to have an IQ this high. There are just a modest bunch of individuals on the planet with IQs more than 160, and 176 would put you among the Nobel Prize champs, widely acclaimed mathematicians, savants, authors and the best personalities of history.

IQ of 176
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In this way, unless you are by and by in school completing your second degree, I question the test was precise.

Consider only a couple of names to analyze, Mozart, Rembrandt, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Leonardo DaVinci, Bill Gates - and their IQ's would likely be not as much as that number.

The Wechsler Intelligence Scale and many other IQ scales orders an IQ Score of 176 as exceptionally rare intelligence. In the event that you scored 176 on an IQ test, congrats, you scored superior to 99.9% of the overall public!

Nonetheless, you can raise your IQ score significantly higher by upwards of 15 IQ points. To raise your IQ score, attempt these tips:

1. Try not to take any IQ test unless you have had a lot of rest.

2. Ensure you are quiet and loose before testing.

3. Kill all diversions including radio, TV and your cellphone.

5. Have a pen and paper prepared to tackle issues that can't be understood in your mind.

6. Figure positive and you will do well.

7. Use sample quick IQ test.
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