What Does an IQ Score of 164 Mean?

An IQ score of 164 means that you are a genius. This is a decent score, since the avegae IQ is 100. It depends on the normal distribution curve, IQ test type, and your age, with the goal that your IQ can't change contingent upon it. Implying that when you are 20s it will remains around 164.
IQ 164
IQ scale

With an IQ at that high of a range you will have a bigger standard deviation, implying that if you take another IQ test you may get 154 or somewhere in the vicinity. If this happens it doesn't imply that you are less intelligent, and just demonstrates that you were not in the mind-set to take a test. IQ can flunctuate based on environmental factors.

The 164 score implies that you can think conceptually and process data.

An expression of alert as a matter of fact: it makes sense not to circumvent saying what your IQ is to your companions. A great many people don't comprehend what IQ's truly means and there are numerous societal partialities and marks of shame joined to high IQ's.

They are uncommon and most won't care for having a lower IQ than you. Your work will likewise be seen through the eyes that you didn't need to do anything, which is clearly false, yet the reaction a high IQ produces.

Bill Gates, Albert Einstein and Steven Hawking have all been evaluated at 160.
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