What Does an IQ Score of 149 Mean?

An IQ score of 149 implies that you have superior intelligence. Numerous IQ scales have a mean of 100, standard deviation of 15, an IQ of 149 suggests that you are more smart than 98 % of masses for what has been attempted.

IQ of 149
IQ spectrum
Many IQ tests have roof score of 140 and a score so close as 149 is an extremely prevalent insight inside the IQ range. That is, it arrives in the "skilled" domain.

That being stated, IQ is a profoundly imperfect measure of intelligence, and the more established you get, the less it implies, on the grounds that it is a measure of your level of advancement contrasted with your age, and is proposed to be utilized as a measure for youngsters so they could be formatively thought about.

With less respect to age, it is likewise deserving of note that IQ is a defective metric for intelligence, comprehend that IQ alone does not ensure accomplishment in school or whatever else.

It is smarter to see IQ as far as capacity to comprehend ideas rapidly. No more, no less. IQ is a measurements of learning capability of anybody individual.

What IQ doesn't mean?

Looking past IQ misinterpretations, it makes sense to see IQ through the viewpoint of learning potential alone.

- IQ won't get you Ferrari

- IQ isn't really innovativeness

- IQ doesn't promise you anything other than possibly capability for Mensa gathering and scholarstic bent.

- IQ isn't really social insight

- IQ isn't really passionate knowledge

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