Scholarship for High IQ

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Does a high IQ deserve a scholarship? Maybe. A high IQ seems to deserve a reward, at least scholarstically. If you have ever taken an IQ test, you might have thought about this too.

Scholarship for high IQ
Scholarship for IQ
But sorry, IQ doesn't guarantee a scholarship because an IQ test is not an aptitude test, knowledge test, nor a presitigous academic exam that many schools, organizations, and charities are looking to reward.

In fact, universities need not bother about your IQ score, since an IQ test measures a cognitive ability (potential to learn knowledge), which is quite deferent from knowledge itself.

Though there are different domains of intelligence from which one or more could be related to someone's specialization . Again, intelligence is more than specialization, aptitude, and IQ.

Oftentimes, we have heard about the situations where geniuses, high IQers, and idiot savants have gotten some scholarstic benefits but such situations aren't necessarily the causal factors that gave rise to their scholarship. What we can be certain of is the correlation between being a genius and a scholar.

Is there any scholarship for geniuses
While there are no specially designed scholarships program for geniuses, there might be a relationship between IQ and scholarship. But scholarships were not particulally designed for the high IQers, they were designed for the competitive performers in aptitude test and prestigous academic exams.

Need a scholarship?
If you really need a scholarship, then it is time to shift your thinking away from the IQ test and start writing a prestigous local or international scholarship exams.

If you know what this mean, you would like to write a scholarship exam in your country or go for international essay scholarship, apprenticeship scholarship, Undergraduate scholarship, Graduate scholarship, and Postgraduate scholarship.

Don't really have a clue?
Below are a list of some international scholarships you can pursue, regardless of your IQ score:

☆ Common Wealth Scholarships
☆ Chevening Scholarships
☆ Oxford Scholarships
☆ Fullbright Scholarships
☆ Vice chancellors Awards
☆Ford Scholarship
☆ Marie curie Scholarships

There are many other ones. If you really want to have more clue, go to a scholarship database like scholars4dev.com, sholarship-position.com, afterschoolafrica.com etc.

Take away
It is time to put Mensa and other IQ tests aside. Start your scholarship hunting today. Go write a scholarship essay or apply directly to a school that offers a scholarship if you already qualify. Afterall, your IQ score doesn't necessarily make you a scholar.
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