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What Does an IQ Score of 113 Mean?

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An IQ score of 113 means that you have an average intelligence. Given a standard deviation of 15 and a mean of 100, this IQ score is not far from average as you are among the 68% of the population, whose IQ scores lies somewhere between 85 – 115.

Should you worry? it is pointless to worry about an average IQ score like 113, there are many other people with relatively lower IQ scores if you consider the IQ spectrum.

IQ ranges
IQ classification

Scored 113 on an IQ test?

Essentially, IQ tests were designed as a tool of prediction about people’s future performance (predictive validity) with regard to their intelligence either high or low.

However, the question of whether IQ tests are infallibly the accurate measure of intelligence or not, have been debated centuries ago and such debates seem not to die and probably never would.

So what can you do with an IQ score of 113 with the seemingly endless provocations revolving around IQ tests and their uses?

You could do absolutely nothing with it, except situations where you would be asked to tender your IQ score as part of selection criteria of an applicant, evaluation of intellectual normalcy or any of such cases that could involve making an informed decision.

What matters is creativity and emotional intelligence, not the mainstream left-brain abilities which makes a gross percentage of IQ tests to be culturally biased. I have seen a professor with good research repute, published 100s of scientific papers into journals, yet he had and IQ score of 72. Ridiculous? Sure it is. Probably, he had contributed meaningfully to research and development in his own unconventional ways – creativity.

The good news? You have nothing to worry about your IQ score, after all, you don’t want to be IQ obsessed and being obsessed over your own IQ isn’t going to do any good but waste your time.

What can you do with an IQ score of 113?

With an IQ score of 113, you can do practically anything that involves creative endeavour. Don't allow the fears and stupid rules that society foist on you to pull you down. Everyone's got potential and a touch of genius - doubt it?

You want might doubt that because not everyone has what it takes to realize their true potential but the fact is, everyone's got some hidden potential in them, and IQ proves nothing about this.

So what, are IQ tests useless?

An IQ test is still very useful only if the particular test isn't flawed with cultural bias and some other psychometric issues that make people want to criticise it.

At best, an IQ test would say something about your learning potential - not even Emotional Intelligence and creativity. No more, no less.

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