What Was Celine Dion's IQ Score?

If there is one interesting thing about Celine Dion, it is her IQ. Generally, people do find it appealing to want to know about celiberitities intelligence and relate that to their creativity.

IQ score of Celine Dion
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Quite infortunate, they often miss it. How? No one can really quantify creativity with most IQ tests. By the way, what was Celine Dion's IQ score. Maybe 95 as distributed around the media. Whether ths is true or false is questionable because there is hardly any proof that she took an IQ test, at least in my opinion.

Perhaps, she had taken one and scored 95, what is 95 itself in the IQ spectrum? Something below average, no more no less. Though majority of the population find themselves within the 68% IQers in the world, which is a wider range of IQ between 85 to 115.

A point to question here
It is almost impossible to know a celebrity's IQ score. Why? Whatever information we are given by the media is what we usually consume. This is called the media agenda of agenda setting carried onto popular people.

If the media says she Celine Dion did wrote an IQ test and aced 175, people are ready to believe it since the media seems to have some subtle autonomous power anyway.

Celine Dion's IQ is 95? Now what?
Whether we believe it or not, IQ tests are most often fundamentally flawed due to several factors like cultural bias, left brain bias, developer bias etc. We might want to have a shift towards creativity and avoid the left brain bias. Why? Musical abilities like Celine Dion's, which of course follows right brain processes, are a great deal of creative endeavours that we can't really bank on IQ test to quantify accurately.

Did her IQ matter?
Not even in the slightest. Celine Dion is a well grounded musician of all time and she had been successful in her musical endeavours. What more is good about life than this status and happiness?
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