What Does an IQ Score of 175 Mean?

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An IQ score of 175 means that you are super intelligent – genius because this is an extremely high in the IQ spectrum. On a mean of 100 and standard deviation of 15, you are more intelligent than 99.9% of the population, placing you among the top 0.1% intelligent people at least as depicted in the curve of normal distribution.

IQ of 175
IQ of 175

Have an IQ score of 175, now what?

Essentially, IQ is your potential to learn and not really your intelligence in itself, as the popular media and non-savvy people usually misconstrue it to be. If your IQ score is high enough to such an extent as to qualify you to be affiliated with some groups as Mensa, and Pars, then your IQ would not be just meaningless, provided that the test itself was administered by a qualified professional – usually a psychologist. That is, there is a point of disparity between free IQ tests taken online and professional and reliable IQ tests administered by a psychologist on a one on one basis.

Professional IQ tests are usually standardized, normed, validated serious IQ tests. Unlike professional IQ tests, online IQ tests platform repeatedly prove them by showing some sort of vague data, however, this is still not sufficient enough to prove any point that the tests have no flaw or could be relied on. Do they?  No. Why?The coder of some HTML  and PHP language have probably made the tests to be as fun as possible, reflecting their own view (test developer bias), and not necessarily normed to accurately measure the IQ of the population to which it would be administered.
Want to have some fun? Take this free IQ test now, many people have taken the test already and laughed, smiled or even felt sad about their IQ score right that instant. Lol.

Does an IQ score of 175 really high some big correlation with one’s overall achievement?
There is usually no absolute Yes or No answer to this question s correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation. However, series of research have consistently proven that job performance, overall achievement and IQ have mediating factors attached to them.  For instance, emotional intelligence and motivation to succeed are two important factors that could mediate between IQ and quality job performance.

Facts about IQ score

IQ score =/= intelligence
IQ score is figurative but intelligence is multifaceted
IQ isn’t EQ (Emotional Quotient)
Intelligence is the umbrella term, not IQ
IQ doesn’t adequately match people’s potential in certain field
Many people with relatively high IQ are buried within the crowd
IQ serves as useful placement option, so we can’t really discard it
Multiple factors do impact your IQ
Many Americans insanely care about their own IQ scores
IQ has long become a thing on Quora.com
Real IQ tests are time-consuming
Many Online tests take only 10 minutes
Of course, IQ won’t buy you, Ferrari.

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