What Does an IQ Score of 169 Mean?

An IQ score of 169 implies that you are exceptionally gifted. Many individuals fall beneath this range, indeed, a little 0.1% of the population have IQ score of 169. Doubt your IQ is this high, in case you took an online IQ test which is far from being reliable but fun.

IQ score of 169
IQ score of 169
Most a normal IQ score is 100. Ordinary IQ ranges from 85 to 115. Likewise, an IQ of 180 is obviously incredible. Clearly, if your IQ is 169, you would understand that 169 IQ is extraordinary. What did you achieve for your IQ testing? If you looked and settled on the accompanying case then IQ testing is basically being extraordinary at disentangling plans. It doesn't particularly induce knowledge and functional shrewdness.

In the event that a high IQ individual spends his life playing chess and getting a mental incitement out of chess, will he be all the more clever or compelling in life? It is a tall individual, it is his choice on the off chance that he needs to use his gifts in the way he wishes. A tall individual does not mean he is extraordinary at football, it just means he has a rough quality which gives him an edge. Got it?

This is the reason insight test is constrained in scope. It doesn't generally reveal to you something about intelligence. Arguably, there are more to intelligence than just IQ. For example, other aspects of intelligence are social intelligence, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence, personal intelligence, musical intelligence etc.

Major Flaws in IQ Test

Major flaws in IQ tests are well apparent in the way they lack generalizability, which undoubtedly is consequent upon lack of cultural fairness, that is, they are culturally biased. So now what? Take a reliable IQ test like Mensa, Raven's Progressive Matrices etc. However, taking any of these tests does not necessarily guarantee 100% accuracy.It only means that you have taken a reliable test with minimal flaws. Also, taking Raven's test which is recommended especially, can help to measure some reasonable amount of creativity.

Is IQ test now useless?

Despite the high level of criticisms heaped against IQ test, IQ tests are useful especially in hospitals, schools, and some organizations that call for intellectual aptitudes. In fact, Mensa organization itself demands that you have an IQ of about 130+ before you are qualified to join their organization.

Would you mind uncovering to us what standard deviation these scores identify with? If you basically determine subjective numbers without their specific SD's, they are genuine without significance. A 169+ (SD 15) is genuinely unfathomable. No "authentic" IQ test goes that far up the scale, honestly, however, the ceiling of an IQ test scores exclusively relies upon the kind of IQ scale, given the standard.

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