What Does an IQ score of 155 Mean?

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An IQ score of 155 means that you have a very superior intelligence. So you tested your IQ and scored 155?

IQ score of 155
IQ of 155
Why is everybody so discretionarily worried about IQ? Tested intellectual capacity is extremely important to deciding one's benefits for going to a college. Things being what they are, if a person with has an IQ of 65 and another with an IQ of 155 both apply to medical school, you need the 155 person. Isn't it?

How does it relate to school GPA?
This detail is the same than specifying one's GPA and different abilities, in that they can both be viewed as seeming to make the contention that one should enter the school since he is predominantly within such an IQ spectrum.

What's the matter with one supposing he is more qualified (predominant) than a specific percentile of candidates? The point if an application is to show along these lines, so it presumes that the candidate as of now trusts he should be conceded more so than the normal students.

IQ is not fixed but many people erroneously think it is - your brain resembles a muscle that decays if it isn't utilized. Remember that Jean Lamack's evolutionary theory of use and disuse? Correspondingly, IQ can go up or down, contingent on the degree to which one is being tested to learn and ace new ideas and thoughts.

IQ is only a metric to appraise your fitness - or potential to accomplish - however schools and others will judge you more on genuine accomplishments as opposed to forthcoming capacity. This is what makes aptitude test and interviews necessarily as part of selection criteria - since IQ tests could be flawed.

In any case, your disposition needs to get up to speed with your astuteness and capacity with the goal for you to prevail in school, and in the workforce.

Scored 155 in an IQ test, now what?
Nothing. Unless your IQ would make you hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of $ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$, it doesn't matter whether you scored an IQ score of 155+ if you simply can't make your life work.

If your high IQ has provided Ferrari or Bentley for you, that's good for you, continue to find means of boosting your IQ and acing IQ tests severally. Otherwise, you are wasting your time.

Take away
Focus on creativity, add benefit to nature and man. Do what others haven't done or do differently what few others are doing. Only in this way would you be able to make your life work; after all, you want to be happy.
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