What Does an IQ Score of 144 Mean?

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An IQ score of 144 means that you are extremely gifted or very superior. 144 is a good IQ score, regardless of the scale being used; most IQ tests have score ceiling of 140 or 160.

IQ of 144
IQ classification
Tested your IQ and found it was 144? Examine whether you took a reliable IQ test and not a free IQ test you would find online because an IQ as high as this 144 way too far for anyone to reach. In fact, IQ score of 144 places you among the top 2% of the population, as with most IQ test scales; usually with a mean of 100 and standard deviation of 15.

Took a crappy IQ test, now what?
In case you already took a crappy or less reliable IQ test, it is time to look beyond the scope of a crappy test which in must cases, are designed for entertainment purpose. You don't want to make lemonade out of lemon here. Do you?

Go for a professional IQ test - paper test that holds a good reputation. Mensa, Weschler and Raven's Progressive Matrices are the first three examples that come to one's mind whenever good a reliable IQ test is being mentioned; though, they do not come without their own flaws too.

What can you do with an IQ score of 144?
The truth is, you were placed on a nominal, an ordinal, interval and a ratio scale of measurement if you took an IQ test. 140+ IQ is a handsome interval that describe something about your learning potential, ranks you among a sample or group of people with regard to interval for such ranking or categorization like 140 to 150 would mean a very superior IQ, and of course, returns a true zero, in which case, the test has a zero level and a ceiling level or anything like 0 and 140, 0 and 160, 0 and 180, 0 and 200 respectively, depending on the IQ test ceiling.

These are mere fundamentals of an IQ test, no more, no less. A huge IQ score doesn't generally determine your success in life, it only tells you about yourself, qualifies you to join reputable IQ societies like Mensa and of course, is a good hint about how fast you can learn and do well in subjects that requires logical reasoning and finding some pattern.

Careers that correlate with high IQ scores usually fall under these categories:
- Medical
- Physics
- Engineering ( e.g Rocket Science)
- Law
- Philosophy
- Mathematics to list but few...

Take a tour, use this free IQ test tool.
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