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What Does an IQ Score of 142 Mean?

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An IQ score of 142 means that you have a highly superior level of intelligence, with a standard deviation of 15 and a mean of 100.

IQ score of 142
To place it in context, most IQ scores go from 40 to 140. Normal IQ ranges from 85 to 115. Along these lines, an IQ of 142 is clearly great. Obviously, if your IQ is 142, you would definitely realize that 142 IQ is great.

If you are obsessed over your own IQ score, boosting IQ might be counter-productive for you. Instead, start focusing on how to utilize your learning potential in a creative manner; only in this way would a high IQ be meaningful.

How good or productive would it be if people are rather fixated on moral intelligence, musical intelligence, social intelligence and emotional intelligence instead of just some numerical portrayal.

So now as humans continue to evolve and revolve with nature, we are set to go to Mars, to mine the moon, to supplant most employments with A.I's. and robots.

Social prowess and emotional intelligence appear to be more psychologically productive than just a mere figure the few people knows how to utilize.

Would have an IQ as 142 automatically buy you a Ferrari? Hell No. It makes sense to perceive intelligence as an attribute that matters progressively if in its utilization, you are self-actualized.

Accomplish something with your intelligence, or not, creativity and emotional intelligence are more important than IQ. Got it?

Another thing that is questionable about your IQ score is that you probably took an online IQ test which is less reliable and as such, crappy.

If this is the case, your 142 IQ implies nothing. Online tests are not substantial or dependable so they mean literally nothing.

A good IQ test is always a professional IQ test administered by a qualified psychologist skilled in test administration. Examples of a professional IQ tests are, Raven's progressive Matrices, Wechsler, and Standford-Binet IQ test.

If you took the Raven's test under the supervision of a psychologist, your score would mean a considerable measure.

An IQ score of 142 places you  at the highest end on the IQ scale. You would be a genius with 1 in a 230 people having that IQ.

To show it requires learning, information is stored in the memory, yet there are individuals who can write an exhaustive lengths of content but do not understand what it implies (just like savants do).

Are they truly intelligent? Is this what life demands to work for them?

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