What Does an IQ Score of 139 Mean?

An IQ score of 139 means that you have superior level of intelligence. Many IQ scales have a mean of 100, standard deviation of 15, an IQ of 139 implies that you are more intelligent than 98 % of populace for what has been tried.

139 IQ
IQ Classification
Many IQ tests have ceiling score of 140 and a score so close as 139 is a very superior intelligence within the IQ spectrum. That is, it lands in the “gifted” realm. That being said, IQ is a deeply flawed measure of intelligence, and the older you get, the less it means, because it is a measure of your level of development compared to your age, and is intended to be used as a measure for children so that they could be developmentally compared.

With less regard to age, it is also worthy of note that IQ is a flawed metric for intelligence, understand that IQ alone does not guarantee success in school or anything else.

It is better to view IQ in terms of ability to understand concepts quickly. No more, no less. IQ is a metrics of learning potential of anyone person.

What IQ doesn't mean?
Looking beyond IQ misconceptions, it does make sense to see IQ through the lens of learning potential alone.

- IQ won't buy you Ferrari
- IQ isn't necessarily creativity
- IQ doesn't guarantee you anything but maybe qualification for Mensa group and scholarstic aptitude.
- IQ isn't necessarily social intelligence
- IQ isn't necessarily emotional intelligence

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