What Does an IQ Score of 134 Mean?

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An IQ score of 134 means that you are highly intelligent. Many IQ scales have a mean of 100, standard deviation of 15, an IQ of 134 implies that you are more intelligent than 98 % of population for what has been tested.

IQ score of 134
IQ score of 134
Since IQ is just a measure of something, it is not an absolute measure of IQ. IQ tests measure generally thinking capacities, and does not quantify emotional intelligence. E.g. you might have an high IQ with low social Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

At that point, to answer your inquiry "what does it mean", having an IQ of 134 implies that you have great limits of deliberation, understanding and thinking; you ought to have the capacity to see unmistakably and rapidly a greater number of things and ideas than a great many people, even complex ones. You ought to have the capacity to take care of all the more effectively issues, even complex ones. Period.

This does not say much in regards to what you will do with these capacities. Like owning a Ferrari does not oblige you to drive quick: you can, however will you?

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