Application of New Teaching Methods in the Process of Formal Education: Possible Issues and Complications

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A teaching method consists of all the principles and ways applied by the teachers to enable student learning. These tactics are based on the subject matter and the nature of the learner.

For any method to be efficient and appropriate for the students’ learning must be related to the characteristics of the learner and what kind of learning it brings about.

Technology has drastically changed the way the world functions and has created a new paradigm in education. The point to ponder is not whether technology should be used as a teaching or learning tool or not but to what extent technology should be involved to ensure effective learning.

New approaches in teaching: We observe the two main approaches in education. One is the teacher-centered approach, the other being the student-centered. In the former approach, teacher is the main center of attention. Here, the students are seen as the empty vessels whose responsibility is just to receive the information given by the teachers and then tested through the assessments.

While in the student-centered approach, teachers and students collaborate with each other to learn new things. They discuss and work as a team. Students are assessed through the group projects, student portfolios and class participation. In this approach, technology has played a dominant role to bring about all necessary and productive alterations to the teaching methods.

Our current educational system has made its way through the traditional teacher-centered approach to the new student-centered approach to the teaching methods.

Possible issues and complications in regard of new teaching methods:
The new teaching methods provide us with a big scope of learning and understanding. But it has some limitations and negative aspects.

Every student has its own mindset of learning things. Some are easily distracted by the involvement of technology in their learning process.

Technology does not restrict any gender, age etc so it’s open and available anytime for anything. It’s up to us that how we can benefit from it. Use of excessive internet make students dependent on it for every minute information. They do not look into the books now. They rely on the available information for the answers and do not learn or memorize.

The emergence of social networking sites are a big distraction which does not allow the learners to focus on their learning. And also minimizes their self-confidence and there’s a lack of effective communication in the pupils who become more social online rather than in person.

Sometimes time is all consumed setting up the technology resources into the classroom and the main concept to be delivered stays pending for the other day.

- Integrating technology in institutions and its challenges: There are some challenges faced by the educational institutions while integrating technology in their teaching ways:

- Lack of training or support for educators
Information technology infrastructure complications such as internet connection, privacy, security etc.

- Lack of time to learn and adoption of new methods

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