What Does an IQ Score of 168 Mean?


An IQ score of 168 means very superior intelligence. According to the standford-Binet classification of IQ. There are a variety of IQ tests, each with their own scale of results and standard deviations. Standard deviation is the key to understanding a given result. That is, IQ tests evaluate where one test taker is compared with the overall population (age neutral).

IQ score of 168
IQ classification
Properly administered tests are typically quite accurate; naturally, there will always be exceptions, anomalies. If your results are valid, seek guidance on how to advance your education to meet your innate capabilities.

IQ tests show potential, not actual intelligence. They are given students in order to guide programs and resources to the needs of each student. Students who score very low need just as how special care (and equally deserving) as those who score very high. Most score average (two thirds of all people have normal intelligence IQ range 85–115).

If indeed your IQ is 168 based on Stanford or Wechsler, you have the potential for extremely high and rare intelligence, about 1 in 100,000 to 1 in 300,000 people (again, depends on actual test). You are likely the most innately smart person all around you and have ever met. But, that does not necessarily make you the smartest, as, those older than you have had some to decades of years more to gain information/data to their database of knowledge.

The key for you is to ensure educational programs that foster your innate abilities. No matter the actual IQ result, the result offers insight into areas/fields of study or occupation for your future.

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