What Does an IQ Score of 104 Mean?

104 is an average IQ. IQ tests aren’t that precise, so it won't make much sense to say that an IQ score of 104 is so absolute to define your whole intelligence.

IQ of 104
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There is hardly anything particularly remarkable about your results; there are some relative strengths and weaknesses, but nothing extremely unusual.

The Block Design subtest is the farthest from the mean. That was the test where you had to make patterns with colored blocks. It might mean that you’re not all that good at visual-spatial stuff… or it could just mean it took you a while to catch on to what you had to do to solve the puzzles.

It is interesting that you also scored low on Coding, which would have required you to write symbols; that’s often low in kids who have messy handwriting. One might wonder if maybe you have a sort of relative weakness in visual-spatial skills, like drawing, putting together puzzles, reading maps and charts, and so on. But it could just be that you’ve focused on other things.

You have good working memory. That means you can keep lots of things in your head all at the same time while you’re solving problems. This is useful for math, physics, and programming, and you’ve probably gotten some practice in those areas.

What matters more than anything with an average brain is what kind of training you give it. When you learn something, your brain reprograms itself to suit the kinds of tasks you require it to do.

 Train yourself in math, physics, programming, and music theory, and you’ll develop the kinds of skills that are useful for those things. It helps most of all if you are passionate about what you’re studying—if you love your subject. Find something you love, study that, and you’ll be able to get enough practice and train your brain to specialize in that area.
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