What Does an IQ Score of 102 Mean?

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Take a closer look at the diagram, having an IQ score of 102 places your intelligence in the normal IQ range along the IQ spectrum. 68% of the population are here.

IQ of 102
IQ chart
Average is 85 to 115 and most people fall within that range (68%). An IQ score of 102 is approximately at the 68% percentile which means, when compared with other people your age, your intelligence would surpass 68 out of 100 people.

However, with any IQ test, there are sub-scores within which better indicate your learning profile, your individual strengths and weaknesses. This is the best way to make sense of an IQ test.

What does IQ really mean?
In its full meaning, IQ is an acronymn for Intelligence Quotient. Traditionally, this dates back to centuries ago but paychologists still use the term to represent a score portrays oe's learning potential, ability to thinking rationally and all sorts of intelligence definition.

Scored 102, now what?
102 is far less that a genius IQ like 140 so you actually want to boost your brain power or get more IQ points. Though, IQ score isn't rigid, it might seem difficult to boost because so many factors do influence IQ. Some of these factors are: age, heredity, stress and a study that showed sex does correlate with intelligence has generated lots of controversies.

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