Uses of Intelligence Tests

The use of an IQ test depends on its value in a particular context.Intelligence tests have purposes or rationales behind them, not just random tests.

Having said, IQ tests are often used within a context that places much regard on it to mean something like goal achievement and potential of people in that context. They can be used as part of qualifications or selection criteria when situation warrants them.

Uses of IQ test
Average to Super IQ scores


Maybe it does make sense or not, organizations, schools and even IQ societies like High IQ society, Mega Society, Mensa International, Prometheus Society, Triple Nine Society, Intertel, Giga Society, Cerebrals Society, and Mysterium still rely on IQ scores as major selection criterion. Why? People and organisations uses IQ test as predictive shortcuts about one's performance. No one wants to waste time on endless evaluations and judgements, so IQ is a fast way.

Clinical diagnosis

An IQ test can be used to diagnose someone of learning disability, usually administered by a professional - psychologist.

Misuse of IQ test

Why are IQ tests misused despite the fact they aren't error free? IQ tests are not error free; even the most reliable ones are not 100% accurate in prediction, yet organizations use them since they serve as a fast tool for pruning unwanted applicants; though they could bias the intent behind their uses. How? Many IQ tests are based on logical reasoning, mathematical skills and verbal intelligence which are all left brain abilities, at least theoretically. What if those left brained concentrated IQ tests are used for right brained people or what if they were administered to a society that do not possess those skills set? Won't the result get flopped?

However, neurocritics usually argue that such huge variation doesn't exist in our brain and that we share the two halves of our brain, structurally and functionally.

It makes sense to simply believe the importance of a quality IQ test that can grossly minimize bias while disregarding arguments about brain processes. Better still, creativity tests makes more sense in achieving this, not the traditional IQ test we often rely on.

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