Professional IQ Test vs Practice IQ test vs Fun IQ test

Professional IQ test is an IQ test that is administered by a certified professional psychologist, an educationist or evaluator, which on the ground of standardised sample, validity and reliability, is devoid of flopping IQ scores.

Fun IQ test vs Professional IQ test vs fun IQ test
Pro vs Practice vs Fun IQ tests
A professional IQ test is different from practice IQ test because it is usually taken serious since it is the actual test that is presentable when situations that need them arises.

Characteristics of professional IQ test
These following are the characteristics of a professional IQ test:

- Reliable
- Valid
- Certified professional (administeration)
- Standardised
- Normed.

Unlike professional IQ test, practice IQ tests include questions to be answered, at random, having attempted by a user in the past - past questions. These kind of test can be used to practise well enough to boost the chances of acing an actual test.

Characteristics of practice IQ test
The following are the characteristics of practice IQ test:

- Practicable
- Numerous
- Motivating
- Condifence boosting
- Educating
- Could be valid
- Could be reliable
- Self-administered

Another class of IQ test is fun IQ test which is majorly for entertainment purpose. Many of them can be found online. See free IQ test here. Though, far from reliable, fun IQ tests are good at relieving boredom and could serve as a subtle means of motivation for actual IQ test.

Characteristics of practice IQ test
The following are the characteristics of fun IQ test:

- Entertaining
- Educating
- Less reliable
- Less valid
- Self-administered

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