Michael Jackson's IQ Score Was 164?

Haha! This hype seems an undying one about Michael Jackson's IQ score of 164 which has populated the media and internet with no proof to support the claim. We actually could think he was intelligent though, not just IQ.
Micheal Jackson IQ was 164
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Undoubtedly, Michael Jackson the King of Pop music was talented and creative, in the music industry; which could have lured his fans to exaggerate and favour his talent for such a genius IQ score. - 164. Whether MJ really scored 164 on an IQ test seems questionable, at least obviously, since there is no single documentation of an IQ test he took if he had taken one.

However, this does not outrightly undermine the intelligence of Michael Jackson but we just can't accept any bone of contention at face value or on the ground of uncertainty - we need proofs.

While there are no proofs to ascertain that Michael Jackson's IQ was 164, there are indications which suggests that MJ could have been extremely intelligent. These indications partly relate to Howard Gardener's theory of multiple intelligence:

1. Linguistic Intelligence
If you have ever listened to Michael Jackson's speech, you would have noticed how articulate his vocabulary was, even with sexy tone.

2. Musical Intelligence
Evidently, Michael Jackson had a very high aptitude for music, even from the craddle (Jackson 5 band), so it doesn't really make sense to rashly admit that he was not intelligent. At least, he was the King of Pop Music.

3. Social Intelligence
How socially intelligent was MJ? Any proof?. MJ has started relating to people ever since childhood. His childhood was like a grown up adult who knows how to make his career work by relating with others, beginning from his own siblings to big brands in the music industry. Even beyond music, he was respectful in his relationship with people, even with little children. If not socially intelligent, how could it have been possible for him to win the heart of the whole world where people were getting crazy about him that some even died for him. Lol. Isn't this an indication of freaking social genius?

4. Kinesthetic Intelligence
This is pretty obvious, the way he could manipulate his body, joints and twisting them around in a gestalt fashion to make sense of break dance.

What about mathematical intelligence?
Since most IQ tests are biased in favour of mathematical and logical abilities (left brain dicotomy) it would be almost impossible to guestimate MJ's IQ score from this metrics. Also, because there is no documentation till date that he took an IQ test that includes substantial facets of intelligence, would result in error in conclusion about his IQ. Isn't it?
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