Is High IQ Really a Curse?

As with IQ, there would always be counteracting factors that set it apart from making sense of its rationales, including question boardering on whether a high IQ is a curse or a blessing.

Is high IQ a curse
Huge IQ a curse?
High IQ just measures learning potential for a given individual, yet doesn't quantify judiciousness of intelligence. A large portion of the greatest selections by greater organizations were made by individuals with unimaginably high IQs, however with the wrong motivators and point of view.

Because you have a high IQ, doesn't mean you can keep up your cool in the midst of extraordinary behaviour, and keep up the correct point of view.

The other component is that high IQ is an extremely shallow measure. IQ has been this inherent measure of individuals, and has been misrepresented. A great many people, when they say somebody is 'intelligent', imply that they're street smart, book shrewd, and has the correct point of view/judgment. At the point when individuals utilize book smart, they just concentrate on the IQ part. The effortlessness of the vocabulary prompts free surmising among adequacy and learning power which IQ rationalizes to measure. Sadly IQ is associated to viability, however does not cause viability.

High IQ or Very Gifted (according to Stanford-Benet scale with score 145-160 or above) people may typically wind up in testing circumstances among some social factors.

High IQ is a noteworthy destabilizing factor in a man's life, and such individuals must create emotional intelligence to adjust. Some high-IQ individuals utilize their scholarly capacities to make up for their absence of social aptitudes, or to manufacture a world to protect them from the outcomes of that deficiency.

EQ is the well known term to balance against IQ, yet that collection of information as characterized by Daniel Goleman is yet to be proven wrong and is positively not the total arrangement of learning or capacity that ought to be counterpoised against IQ.

You don't really lose anything by having a high IQ; it's more precise to depict it as an instrument which is intense, however the utilization of which is precarious and can (and perpetually causes) issues. However, somebody with a high IQ is unlikely to have no drawbacks at all, I think.

Some potential issues of utilizing it?

Trouble in managing normal individuals. Better believe it, that is genuine, and it's one of the nastier parts, as I would like to think - difficult to manage. The hard reality is, once you set out your premises, I can most likely make sense of a large portion of your contention, and after that I can either be impolite or exhausted while you complete the process of saying it. Nobody I know knows how to get around this.

More inclined to address things, consequently irritating individuals. People with high IQ do not know when to stop asking questions and if they ask you to many questions, you might be freaked out.

More averse to acknowledge customs. Once in a while an issue, however not under any condition major. It typically doesn't cost me much to acknowledge it for the occasion (and I want to recognize the customs of groups I intentionally include myself with, as an indication of regard), yet there are individuals who experience issues with this. A companion of mine's unsettled a great deal of quills over it.

More averse to appreciate the basic joys of life. High IQ might be the most important thing to an IQ crazed individual. Now, without any offense, an IQ-crazed is a lerson obsessed over his/her own IQ score.

One progressively that I regularly observe: unreasonable consideration regarding streamlining the points of interest. This is fine all alone, yet it regularly defers with different tasks. I've invested very much an excessive amount of energy modifying my working framework when I ought to have been dealing with different things. Incidentally I overlook where I'm going in light of the fact that I'm examining how proficient my walk is.

Wrapping up
High IQ comes with some advantages and disadvantages but there appears to be no valid or confirmed reason one should not want to increase his/her IQ score. Start by taking this free IQ test to have some fun.
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