Fake IQ tests Online?

Fake IQ tests on the internet are IQ tests with zero level of accuracy that the test takers are gullible enough but ace it and most often get their scores hyped so as to decieve them into intellectual folly.

Fake IQ test
Dump fake IQ tests

Made sense? No it shouldn't. Maybe you have once fall prey of this type of IQ test, if discovered thereafter, you probably wouldn't want to drink the camel's urine the second time.

A lot of hypes have lingered around the web about IQ tests, and their accuracy. Many self-proclaimed test providers and test practitioners want to sell you IQ lies and offer you psychological testing services that don't work. Dump them! They are birds of the same feathers that have no proof to back up their claims.

Want to confirm this? Google-search 'free IQ test' and post your comment here about what you see. No doubt what you would see are tons of IQ test on Google Search Engine Result Pages for that same search query; it appears that the most nonsensical ones are the ones popping up and highly self-promotional but also crappy.

Fake IQ test don't work, dump them
Think again now, you heard it, fake IQ tests don't work and it's time to dump them. Why? They are far from being reliable, valid and standard to the point that they even flop test results.

Ever taken a professional IQ test or an advance creativity test that has a proven reasonable degree of accuracy and stood the test of time? You would have noticed how structured, unbiased and standardized the test was with appropriate norm, scoring and interpretation, perhaps you had access to that.

Reasons to dump fake IQ test
There are reasons you should dump fake IQ test and seek a professional valid IQ score elsewhere.

☆. They are crappy junks
Yes, just the crap they are. No more question, no offense, and no apology. These crappy tests you would find all the time across websites that lay false claims. Though little to no online IQ test are accurate with results, if the test has no database of questions to capture all facets of intelligence that a professional IQ test would capture, it doesn't really matter if there are only five items on the test page, what matters is the database from which those questions are being auto-syndicated from after every reload of the IQ test page; if it doesn't change its questions at each reload, its crappy, dump it.

☆. They promise 100% accuracy
This one is surely a red flag and sends a bad signal for you to flee from that IQ test that promises you 100% accuracy. Here at Neuroscientia, though our test takers have always commend on the ground of reliability, the IQ test free of charge, that we offer, yet we don't promise heaven and earth of reliability; just the plain transparent but also fun IQ test that we deliver fro a huge database of items.

So an IQ test they say is 100% reliable is a lie, even very trusted Mensa and Raven's tests have never been confered to such an extent, infinite bragging rights.

☆. Waste of time
If you knew before-hand that you would be wasting your precious limited time on an exam that won't qualify you to get the college or university admission you were aiming at or the job that you desired, would you still go ahead and write it? Obviously not. You probably would prefer to go elsewhere and take a reliable worthwhile test.

Fake IQ tests are like that exam described above. They waste your time all the time. Time is money and time flies. You obviously don't want to settle for fake IQ quesions that won't convert or yield accurate positive results.

☆. They create IQ obsessions
Are you obsessed with your own IQ score or often get fascinated and fooled by it? Do you constantly check your smart phone or PC to ace new tests and boost your IQ scores every now and then? These are signals you are obsessed over your own IQ score. The downside is that it could make you ignore more relevant aspects of your life.
Solution: stop chasing IQ, find ways to do new things, and boost your creativity. Forget IQ for a while, delete that IQ app or brain game app for a while.

In case you are looking to test your IQ here, use our free IQ test tool now. It's free, fun with huge database of items, automatic scoring and interpretation included.
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