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What Does an IQ Score of 156 Mean?


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An IQ score of 156 means supernormal IQ. Why? It places you in the top 20% of highest IQs according to the curve of normal distribution shown below, where 68% of the entire population belongs to the average IQ of between 85 to 115.

IQ of 156
IQ distribution curve
Have an IQ score of 156, now what?
What does it actually says about you. Is it an achievement? Should you be happier, more successful and socially fulfilling?
Not neccessarily. It's time to stop being cowed by the popular media and its myths about high IQ scores.

The media is good at that.. those lumosity-like intelligence booster products. I do not really get fascinated by, nor interested in them.

Perhaps you want to try it out, go and see for yourself whether they work or not. There is probably no need to boost your intelligence further, since you have an exceptional IQ score of 156

Some advantages of IQ 156
- Fast reasoning

- Fast brain processing speed

-Fast abstract thinking

Some disadvantages of IQ 156

- might live inside your head

- might be socially inept

- might do crazy things

- might have smoked weed

- might be addicted

-might be socially alienated.

What IQ of 156 doesn't mean

- it doesn't guarantee a high emotional intelligence

- it doesn't mean extreme form of creativity

- It doesn't mean being diplomatic
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